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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. wink
    I'd definitely go for the positron.  [​IMG]
    There's far too many negatives in High fidelity these days.   [​IMG]
  2. Currawong Contributor
    ...DAC nobody here owns, just because it uses some vintage chips. [​IMG]
    Teradak has what looks like an old Parasound clone using PCM63s for only about $400 if you don't mind only 48k input.
  3. estreeter
    Now that DOES interest me - thanks Amos !
  4. estreeter
    Other than the rumor you're trying to start, its the first I've heard anything about this week - Mike's last update didnt even point to Schiit being even remotely ready to release it this week. I'm sticking to my April 20 estimate simply because its far enough away that no-one will remember my prediction when that date comes and goes with no sign of Yggy on the product pages.  [​IMG] 
    It's a little like predicting the zombie apocalypse - if anyone tries to give you a hard time that your prediction was a dud, you can always respond that a few more months in the land of the living wont make much difference when the horde descends and they dont have their own bunker. Headphones and a generator will definitely help tune out all the screaming - just go easy on the tinned baked beans in that shipping container you buried in the backyard. 
  5. bmichels
    So, is the consensus that I should pass on this Computer Audio Design 's 1543 DAC ? 
    If yes, may be I will just look at their music server because I have interest in a Windows server on which you can load software like "Out of your head" that I tested and liked.
    --> what are the other TOL dedicated music server/ripper using Windows (not a PC that need tweeking, but a dedicated box) on which you can load 3rd party Windows applications ?
  6. wink
    NO - Get the Yggdrasil.
  7. bmichels
    OK OK OK... I will do so (if I return the ARM DP-777 SE that I have on test right now).
    Now remain the Music server question !   Aurender ? Aries ? Antipodes DX ? LUMIN ? or...a Windows based server on which I can load software like "Out of your head" that I tested and liked.  Minimum requirement is a very user friendly UI, and integration of TIDAL or QOBUZ for high quality streaming, and no need for a NAS (USB HD is OK)
    So.... is the CAT from Computer Audio Design a viable solution ?   HiFi+ review here      Other suggestions ? 
    It is Windows based, includes inside SSD for storage, a ripper, and can act also as... a NAS if you want.
    It's Windows is highly tweaked and stripped back, but...You can still load Windows' applications on it.
  8. mulder01
    @bmichels even if a few people on here said "yeah it looks awesome you should buy it", that's not really a good enough reason to lay down over ten thousand pounds is it?
  9. wink
    Get a NAD M51 and save heaps....   [​IMG]
  10. Articnoise


    I have not heard any of this DACs and cannot say anything about the sound of them from own experience. What I have read on them they seems to have kind of a different sound signature. Meaning they do better on different sound aspects. Most DACs are more in one sound sig camp then another. Even if we want it all it is not going to happen. One need to choose. Let say that we make 3 groups.

    1.      - Musicality camp: nice tonality and engaging sound   

    2.     - Neutral and revealing camp: revealing, speed and neutral

    3.     - All-around camp: pretty good on everything, but not a master of any aspect.

    Which camp do you feel you belong in?

    One can of cause make other groups with other aspects and names, but the facts is the same one need to choose what the most important aspects is, or this is at least that I think.

  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    @bmichels ultimately you need to decide what is best for you. It seems clear to me that the Yggy is certainly worth the audition and with an imminent release date and  the fact that you can afford it I would certainly want to audition it. The only possible negative is that if the Yggy does take this significant time to sound it's best you may eat up a great deal of the trial period simply waiting for it to warm-up. That said, I know I would absolutely want to try as we all know that the ears and skills at Schiit produce killer gear. Did the AMR not work out for you? I'm sorry if I missed you discussing this earlier in the thread, but I am interested to know. Cheers.
  12. estreeter
    I suspect the majority of the active posters in this thread see it that way, but I'm beginning to wonder if he does .... 
  13. bmichels

    WHY you state this !?

    I bought my ED5 against most advices here and I love them. Same for the DP-777 that I have on test in my place: I must be one of the Very first to have the new SE version, and will report. And I got my LCD-X after one day Testing in a "private canjan" in Paris. I also have 2 japanese hand made portable tube amps that almost Nobody heard of here ( from Analog Square Paper). . .

    So, I listen to advices but... Do it my Way :)
  14. dglow

    @bmichels re: the CAT, you'd just be using this is just a transport, yes? That seems seems a lot of pay for a PC. Better putting your attention and money into a DAC that you like.
  15. Ableza
    Simple, reliable Linux-based servers that don't cost a boat load of money:  http://shop.smallgreencomputer.com/
    I've been using one for several years and it it great.
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