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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. conquerator2
    +1 for the Wyrd
  2. justsven
    Thanks, I should get one. But maybe I should also replace ODAC with modi for aesthetic reason, two schiit stacks with an ODAC looks very odd for me.
    From what I read of their FAQs, Wyrd mostly improves crappy usb power, which may benefits ODAC and MODI, but modi 2 uses external power adapter, so my question is, does Wyrd improve Modi 2u performance?
  3. purrin
    No, that guy is a turd. The real geniuses were people like Tanget, Morsel, Chu Moy, etc. who came up with the Cmoy, MINT, META, PPA chip and buffer based amps - followed up by the likes of AMB, Cavalli, Gilmore with much more intricate and advanced designs.
    All nwavguy did was put the volume pot between the stage which was a horrible, horrible retarded idea - do you know how many random HF'ers PM'd me on the issues this caused? The gain in many instances had to be set much lower - probably because spec sheets were wrong, opamp variation, etc. This design issue was discussed but ignored by nwavguy because wanted a 3-4db lower noise floor. Too much masturbation / measurbation.
    I too built an headamp - based on CHA44 utilizing a similar opamps (same output). It sounded better than O2. This was before nwavguy. The point is, anyone can build an opamp based headamp.
    The genius of nwavguy was with his marketing schitck and dscope shlong. I'm sure he's made $300,000 by now on ODAC sales.
  4. evanft
    Many have reported that the Wyrd improved DACs that are wall-powered. It's not just a power supply, it's also a reclocker.

    I would just get a regular Modi 2 and a Wyrd if you don't need optical and coax.
  5. purrin
    ODAC + Wyrd is pretty good.
    I suspect there could be some improvements on the USB repeater / discombobulator / reclocker. Let me plug this combo in and let you know. I wasn't a fan of the original Modi, but Modi 2 Uber is really good.
  6. hans030390
    In regards to measurements, neutrality, transparency, etc., I ate up the ODAC/O2 stuff when it was fresh on the scene. Then I heard a few products that also measured excellently in all the same areas (below the supposed point of audibility), and I was able to detect non-subtle differences. I had to throw a lot of what I thought I knew out the window.
  7. Hansotek
    I don't know that for sure, but the power for the usb component isn't necessarily powered by the AC power adaptor. This is true even on Schiit's more expensive designs. So, I strongly doubt they've reinvented the wheel on Modi 2U... I'm sure they would've mentioned it in the product description, if they did something so radical... It wouldn't make sense not to market it.

    Still, I would imagine components that rely *solely* on USB power benefit most, performance-wise (if all other things are equal). You'd be shocked how muddy and disorganized the ODAC sounds (on it's own) after you listen to it with Wyrd for a couple of weeks. It cured my upgrade-itis for sure.
  8. estreeter
    Really ? It was the best $200 DAC you'd ever heard a few months back  :wink:
    Schiit Wyrd+Modi (USB) [​IMG]
    Astoundingly good for the price. The Modi by itself can sound thin at times depending upon USB power quality. The Modi also has a tendency to sound imprecise or lacking in focus. The Wyrd solves these issues. 1+1 = 3 in this case. While not as good as a Bifrost Uber w/ Gen 2, the Wyrd+Modi is an very involving listen with good dynamics. While it doesn't resolve, or have the focus, smoothness, refined quality of the the best DACs, it certainly does not sound flat and boring. The Wyrd+Modi was able to keep me up until 1pm listening to music, and few DACs can do that. Hands down the best $200 DAC I've ever heard.
    OK - that was with the Wyrd, which apparently also catapults the otherwise mediocre ODAC into the stratosphere. Granted, Modi 2 Uber + Wyrd is still chump change for many here, but then I'm the guy who felt the same way about iFi's reasonably priced iUSBPower and you've since intimated that their gear is junk. You'll forgive me if I have cause for hesitation before I pull the pin on any more toys. 
  9. EraserXIV
    The Wyrd + Modi2U has been working great for me, it's one of only 2 DACs I've purchased where I didn't spend a week trying to convince myself I didn't waste my money (the other being the Gamma 2). I could happily live with this.
  10. purrin
    Obviously my above statement does not contradict what I said - that I did not care for the Modi (implication is by itself and in the context of discussion with Wyrd in post #3146). That's awesome you like the iUSBPower. I haven't heard the $199 iUSBPower (not a DAC), so I cannot say. More precisely, I said that I didn't care for any of the iDSD DACs. This is not surprising because I don't like any of the PCM179x DACs. Just this weird soft fuzzy haze of limp-dick sound. It's all relative, maybe others might feel I prefer a more "clinical" sound.
    Finally, I don't understand why I need to forgive you. I'm not Jesus Christ - I don't have those powers of wiping your slate clean; also you are free to do or think what you wish.
  11. jexby

    Wait What? Fer real?
    head-fi is now dead to me.

    Argo Duck and estreeter like this.
  12. tomb

    Yep - true that.  Still, if it was hitting his wallet and he was concerned, he'd go in and cancel it.  Or does domain registration renewal occur annually regardless of whether several years have been paid?  I've never looked at mine enough to tell.
  13. tomb

    A great pleasure to read your post, sir!
  14. coli
    Me too, I didn't know what I was doing before so fancy charts it is, frequency response, blah blah blah.
    Nowadays, if I read review, I mainly look for emotional words. If there's politely worded reservations, they are a huge red flag.
    Argo Duck likes this.
  15. Armaegis
    In some cases he also made outright challenges and tried to call people out, both designers and other high profile members of the community, on headfi as well as other audio sites. All bully tactics that really only served to bring more attention to him.
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