Thoughts and opinions on Creative ZEN 4gb, might be able to get one CHEAP
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Dec 16, 2007
my current backup/exercise player is an e270 6gb. I might be able to get a Creative ZEN 4gb for cheap. I want to know how is sq, bass, video quality, video conversion process, and things of that sort. Is it worth buying if I can get it for say, 40-60$?
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I would say that audio quality is rather dependable on the listener's preference and can be subjected to the earphones too. For me, the audio playback is pretty sharp and clear. Videos can be converted through the software that comes with the zen, pretty simple to use
what I really like is the brilliant color support from the screen which makes my video viewing comfortable!
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Ok I bought one and returned it, not because I didnt like it, cos I really didnt have a need for a low capacity player. But here are my impressions.

The screen is fantastic, looks bright, crisp and colorful, ++++
The buttons are cheap and kinda crappy, and there is no backlighting for the buttons, so you have to fiddle around and figure out what to press. Also, while they do have tactile respose, mine had one button that was less responsive compared to the others, and I believe its a common issue.

Its very light, and battery life was decent. Transferring songs was quite easy although I couldnt get the album art to work fine for some reason and had a hard time fixing that. I believe the SD card is treated as a seperate flash folder and this cannot be integrated into your library. This was a huge downer for me cos I was really looking at upgrading the capacity. You have to step back all the way to the main menu, scroll down to SD card (although you can add a shortcut to this I think, but its still a hassle IMO) and then it shows you the folders in it and you hit play. I dont think you can have playlists for SD content, and you cannot power off and resume from SD card as well. (Don't quote me on these, just trying to remember what I can from my experience)

The software is quite decent, videos look pretty good as well. The screen and the front surface and fingerprint magnets and no amount of maintenance is gonna keep them print free for more than a few minutes.

Sound quality was pretty decent IMO.

Overall its not perfect,
But for the kind of price you are talking about, I would definitely get it if all you want is 4gb. SD card implementation is poor so dont get it for that.

Edit: Oh and btw, wrong forum, theres a Portable Audio Forum for these questions.

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