Thoughts about virginity
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May 24, 2006
I listen to a bunch of YouTube rambling videos where a person just rambles on about different topics. I think this is good because it is therapeutic and a good way to express oneself. This young lad talks about his virginity and I think it's good that he brings up this topic because it's quite common for many fellows out there. I also want io say that there is nothing wrong being a virgin if that's your situation.

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To get inside anything you need social skills and some money, it is as simple as that. Watching romantic movies and believing in true love is stupid and can result in permanent virginity for the man. 28 years is such a long time, forgive and forget and get on with your life!
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Yeah I agree. The thing that I like about this vlog and other rambling style vlogs is that he verbalizes his thought process. There is stream of thought that goes on like the way how many people think but in this video, he lets it out for us to hear. I like that and it can be therapeutic even if it does not give a solution.

He does however seem down about it. I would like to see a video of a guy who is excited and happy about being a virgin as if he is boasting. I'm sure there are guys out there who happy to be virgins.

But you are right about social skills and money as money can help. However, there are many guys out there who have poor social skills as they are addicted to technology and their cell phones/computers. When they see a girl, they have no idea how to talk but they are good at their favorite video games instead. The same thing can be with girls too who become loners and are addicted to their cell phones and have little ability to socialize too. As a result, everyone is a virgin, not that there is anything wrong with that if a person doesn't mind.
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Someone should tell them about SAS motto "who dares wins". He is a human being who is left alone for a long time, I can understand his pain. Reality is harsh if one allows it to be so, virginity is nothing compared to other problems like being handicapped, blind or losing a limb or more and feeling the phantom pain. Maybe after posting that video he lost his virginity :D let's hope for the best!
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You are correct about things being worse. It's all a matter of perspective. Yeah for some people, being a virgin is not great but what about being handicapped in a wheel chair? - as you have indicated. On the other hand, you can be a proud virgin and be cool with it.

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