This maybe stretching it, but, headphones on this budget..
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I just thought I should note
I saw Audio Technichas AT200, they go for about $35. Im not against buying used (My HD 558s are used, still work great) but with this price for headphones Im not sure but its from a reputable company.
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How long are you willing to wait for shipping? There are some very nice phones you can get for very good prices at the cost of having to wait a few weeks for them to show up.

Also are you willing to buy used? Edit: Sorry, I guess I skipped over the part where you answered that lol
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Hey, this is my second post on this forum, because I finally found some threads I can add value to.
I faced similar problems, it's always hard for me to pick something. I wanted noise isolation, too, because I heard it was good, and oh boy, I was wrong - it's AMAZING. Anyway, I finally found this article that helped me make my mind, maybe it will help you too
goo. gl/DUXFvx - remove space (I'm not allowed to post links yet, because I'm new)
Hope I was helpful :)!
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OK, so I know you're probably not going to like my conclusion, but I think a used pair of Beats Solo 2 would knock your socks off. They are V shaped but I'm not sure what isn't in that price range. I got mine for $56 dollars shipped with no box and no cord and I just checked eBay and there are used ones going for right around that or slightly more (like $60-70). If your source has any type of EQ you could simply knock down the lower frequencies and boom, balanced headphones.

But this is me blindly suggesting something without knowing your tastes in music or what phones you've already heard. Feel free to debate.
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Maybe a pair of used ATH M40x might be a good choice, they are around ear instead of beats solo 2's on ear, I always found around ear to be much more comfortable.
Bidding on ebay listings/ head-fi forums may have the m40x in your price range, otherwise do some research on the m30x.

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