This is what Head Fi has done to me: Playing with Fiio Q1MKI, Fiio E07K, Fiio E17K, Fiio E18, Oppo HA-2SE, Topping NX4DSD, IFI XDSD, and Centrance Dacportable

  1. SuperNovaGoesPop I've bought all of the above used/on sale with the intent to compare/play with all of these and only keep one or two for the long haul/flip the rest to get my money back. But I mean...holy crap. I'm a musician and have done the whole gear thing to death over the years as far as guitars/synths/amps/effects goes, and I guess this was inevitable and bound to happen with headphones and dac/amps.

    But yeah...I'm going to be popping in and out of this thread over the next few weeks just to record some "real world/every man" type comments on all of them and how they work for basic cell phone/pc compatibility. But already, I can say the following in short:

    1. I love Fiio to death for what they are/what they do.
    2. The Oppo HA-2SE really is the all-rounder for build/function/ shame they've folded further production.
    3. IFI has a nice platform with the "X Series" going into the future...still waiting on a type A to Type C OTG cable to come in, though the Bluetooth connectivity seems nice.
    4. The NX4DSD is a no-brainer for the price point, though a bit "China" in build quality.
    5. Massdrop needs to get the Dacportable to now.

    ...freakin' crazy hobby this is.

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  2. Redcarmoose
    Nah, your only getting started.

    Welcome to Head-Fi.

    Sorry about your wallet.
  3. SuperNovaGoesPop
    I know, right?
  4. judson_w
    I can relate. I dove into the non-portable side first (Sennheiser HD600s and Schiit Valhalla 2). But for work, I moved desks to a noisier part of the office. Thus, wound up picking up Etymotic HF5s because I need noise isolation. They sounded great, but the work computer's sound was terribly gross and noisy (i.e., if I had a PDF open, I could click with my mouse button and hear a tone for however long the button was pressed. Pretended to be doing Morse code on more than one occasion).

    So I went to using my phone (Huawei Honor 6x) but found the headphone out still noisy (though the Etymotics are stupidly sensitive). So I went for a b-stock Schiit Fulla, only to discover that Huaweis do not work well with USB Audio Player Pro, so I connected it to the work computer, and it works well enough now. Best of all the options.

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