Third-string dynamic phone
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 3, 2002
My main dynamics (used on the computers) at the moment are the Tesla T1 and the HD800. Not as fond of the Senn as I am of the Beyer... the HD is just a tad too 'attacky' for me and reminds me a bit of the Qualia 010, a phone that I ultimately found a bit unpleasant, though the Senn is nowhere near as flawed as the Sony of course. When I trashed my old HD800 by accident I actually waited a good few months to replace: I'd like them around as a technical listening reference, just not as everyday phones.
What I like about the T1: Subjectively balanced sound, not too peaky up top and not too bassy, faithful without being fatiguing. Technically decent, a rung above the HD650.
What I don't like about the T1: Everything about the way it's made and physically executed... too heavy and clampier than absolutely necessary while not having anywhere near the level of construction sophistication that a premium phone should have... They basically took a DT and said MOAR METAL.
So what I'd logically like as a third string is something with the build of the HD800 with the sound of the T1. Does it exist? If not, what other alternatives are there? I don't mind some degree of 'entertaining' sound as long as it doesn't get too Premium Beats in the manner of the understandably popular AH-D5K/7K.
No stats, no orthos. No particular budget in mind. Thanks

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