Thinking of swapping out my LCD-2s
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May 12, 2015
Sterling, VA
Hey all, I'm a long time lurker and you have all been a huge help over the last year of my audiophile journey. Thanks for that.
My current setup is: FLAC on my Mac > Bifrost Uber > Lyr 2 > LCD-2 rev 2. I listen to a lot of prog rock, metal, punk, and trance.
I'm pretty happy with the sound from my setup, but I have two problems.
1.) The LCD-2's are too heavy for long sessions. I use them mostly while hacking on code at home. After an hour or so, I find myself swapping them out for my Sennheiser Momentum Over Ears (1st Gen).
2.) If I'm working late, the open back LCD-2's are pretty noisy when my GF is trying to sleep. I also tend to switch over to the Senn's for this reason as well.
I'm looking for an alternative to the LCD-2 that is:
  1. A closed-back, over-ear headphone
  2. Preferably for at or under $1,000
  3. Hopefully a bit lighter than the LCDs
  4. Will pair well with my existing DAC/AMP
  5. I'm not necessarily sold on planars, so I'm open to going back to dynamics to get the weight down.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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Oct 29, 2009
AFAIK the only closed back cans that come close to the HD6x0 weight are the AT ATH-Axxx series and the K550, and the sound of both are going to be very different from the HD650 and LCD-2. The closest would probably be the Focal Spirit Classic, but your earlobes might find them claustrophobic (a little larger than the MDR-1x series, but still a bit tight for me).

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