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Thinking of buying Westone 4, advicd needed.

  1. McCol
    I'm on the verge of buying the Westone 4 but unsure wether to buy the older model or the new removable cable version, anybody able to give an opinion on wether there is any difference in sound quality?

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  2. stationwagon
    They are the same, with other version having removable cables, confirmed by a Westone agent.
    they do give you 2 years warranty and down the line if the cable should fail so will the drivers.
  3. McCol
    Thanks for that.
    Only asked as their seems to be a thing saying that there is an adjustment of +\- 2 on the acoustic tampering or something along those lines.  Was curious if it has changed the signature of the phones.
  4. Yggdrassilious
    That's just marketing crap. 

  5. BassInMyFace
    Does anyone know of any deals/sales on the standard W4s now that the removable cable version is out? 
    I wonder what the best price a pair can be picked up now is...
  6. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Just a heads up that removable cables tend to fail at higher rates than the standard soldered ones.
  7. Hagan


    Code is AMPD and it is 20% off for all westone at earphone solution so the w4 is right about $360 ($449)  and the  W4r @ $399 ($499)
    Free shipping ofcouse
  8. czqdtc
    I have both Sony mdr ex1000 and westone 4. Ex1000 has much deeper bass with great texture and also more detailed and transparent than w4. W4 is more flat, vocal is top notch, bit drier but more real than exk. W4 is also more comfortable. If this is ur 1st 400 dollars headphone, I definitely suggest ex1000 as w4 will not give u "wow" effect
  9. i2ehan

    Ditto. Not to mention, the EX1000 can be had for as little as $311.51 shipped, with optional extended SQUARETRADE warranty available for purchase. [​IMG]
  10. MaxwellDemon
    To be fair to the W4... I'd never use the EX1000 as a portable earphone though. The isolation is terrible for its sound signature (but then I go by areas with a lot of traffic noises)!
  11. i2ehan
    Too true. If isolation, or lack thereof, is a deal breaker in the OP's case, the W4 is the obvious choice between the two.
  12. temporaryname
    I bought the Westone 4's as I was interested in the Westone house sound. I was looking at getting the ES5's at the time.
    They cost a fair bit but you get your money's worth in terms of sound quality, build quality and plenty of accessories.
    They're flat and neutral and I second the comment that they're not a 'wow' headphones, but their detail resolution and transparency grew on me to the point that every other IEM sounds sub-par to me now.
    I compared them to the GR07's (probably not a fair comparison) and whilst the GR07's had a nice tonality and sound signature about them, bass lines sounded like plain and lacked the texture of the string and other details that the Westone 4's brought forward.
    If you do go with the W4's, all I can say is that you get your money's worth and you most likely will grow to appreciate them. Ironically, the Beats tag line ("hear music the way the artist intended") suits the W4's waaaaaaaay more than the Beats, in my opinion.
  13. LostMySelf


    Of course they do lol, that's just some weak ass marketing line they use.
  14. Hagan
    I got the W4 and i  like it more and more every day, it grow on you ( me atleast!!) i want to sell it to get some other like sony or UE but i like it so much so i decided to hold on to it for few more month.
    I agreed that there is no wow factor at the first time you put it on but the wow come later day after day!
  15. McCol
    To be honest, I'm not really looking for a wow factor, had iem's with that and quickly get bored of them, also will be using them with a Just Audio Uha 120 amp which is pretty neutral sounding.
    My main dilema is wether or not they will be much different or much of an improvement over my triple driver Minerva customs.

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