Thinking of building my own earbuds. Comprable retail price?

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions' started by fefrie, Sep 7, 2017.
  1. fefrie
    I'm thinking of building my own earbuds. I haven't found a pair out there that I've liked, and I'd like to do some experimenting with 3d printing.

    I'm thinking of using these drivers:

    Mostly because they're the only ones small enough, and seem to have the correct frequency range that I would assume would be for a general earbud speaker.

    It's the only one that I can find that has the appropriate diameter that I need.

    They're about $5 each, and look a lot more fancy than the speakers I typically see in most earbuds.

    Are these appropriate, are they better in sound quality, and since I've never journied into the high end world of earbuds and iem's, if I did build an earbud based on these drivers, what would the comprable price of them be?

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