Things To Note - BSE Skins
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Jul 10, 2007
Hi all,

I have just taken the bait and ordered a BSE skin for my ipod.
So, any expert opinions from experienced users on application and things to look out for. Advice Needed!!!

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You will be able to find what people said, if you search this forum.
As for my personal experience, I got BSE skin for my cellphone a few month ago, and it worth every penny. Go for it.
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My advice is to always dip your finger tips in the bowl of water before touching any section of the skin. To avoid prints.
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I got a BSE for my iPhone, and its great. I had to remove the skin off the face of the iPhone because the vinyl is "grippy" and it was hard to use the touchscreen, but the rest of the skin is great.

And dissembled has the best advice, wet fingers my friend.
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Use windex (or a similar product) instead of soapy water. I believe it was Jahn who mentioned that tip in a previous thread, and it works 100x better.

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