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They might be Kings: Focal Utopia, Sony MDR-Z1R, HiFiMan Susvara, HE1000 V2, MrSpeakers Ether Flow & Meze Empyrean

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, Mar 6, 2017.
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  1. canali
    what will be interesting with many of these cans
    is the upcoming hugo2 with the 4 different sound filters...Hopefully will provide more matching possibilities with many of these cans.
  2. purk Contributor
    True, but that's an amazing achievement in itself.  For instance, listening to the HD800 & HEK V2 out of any portable source are not even acceptable sound wise and I have the Sony NW-WM1Z but it is a joyful session out of the Utopia.  Beside the Ether Flow, I also have the Utopia, HEK V2, Z1R, and HD800 currently (not counting my other legendary dynamic kings of course).  I agree with assessment on the HEK V2 entirely....a much nicer phones than the V1. 
  3. danieldpagan
    You should try the Ether Flows with the new pads. I prefer them over the original. More sound stage and it brings the upper mids down a little. Bass seems to be the same to me.
  4. danieldpagan

    The Ether Flows are also nice out of portable gear. Super easy to drive and forgiving in my experience.
  5. Currawong Contributor
    Agreed there. One of the reasons I consider them a good "all-rounder". 
    I don't think we need to make it a battle at all. The time I auditioned the LCD-4 out of an Audeze King was fantastic. I can very much see how people would prefer them. 
    If you mean the electrostat pads, that is something I might need to sort out doing indeed. 
  6. up late

    and had the utopia been favoured then they would have been balanced reviews - right team utopia? :wink:

    agreed but it's invariably a competition to establish which is the winner or the best. it's such a guy thing. :wink:
  7. MAURO16164
    if you do not listen to hifiman he1000 v2 attached to the terminals of an integrated amplifier you will have never heard the true sound of this headset. I passed by a Rega Elex-R to a Sugden a21se and the headset is "taken off". It also has attached to the terminals of a Headamp gsx mk2 could not have impact and depth. now it sounds divinely ..
  8. purk Contributor
    You can always use the Super Symmetry Dynahi to drive it.  20 watts per channel gotta be plenty.
  9. MAURO16164
  10. Currawong Contributor
    Took a few pictures before sending the Utopias back.  The video will be up shortly, I just have to finish editing it.
  11. Sp12er3
    Nice set of pics :)
    Thanks for the good work!
    Isn't Ms Utopia purdy lol 
  13. canali
    so you've  sold the sonys (you seemed to have loved those) and moved onto the focals.
    i may have missed it but have you posted any impressions on how the 2 differ... and your prefs?
    always interesting to read....enjoy, nice pics btw.
    for me i'm still indecisive about biting the bullet on the sony z1r..just got into speakers again
    and the rig is also from Focal: nearfield monitors.
    (Focal Alpha 50s, 

    Leave it to the French to kick the sound of desktop/computer speakers up a notch

    Love 'em...such that i'm even considering the more pricey upscale CMS65 series
    nothing like live sound in one's apt, too)...but we'll see.....
    still interested in those Sony Z1R cans, however...best cans i've ever had are the Senn 650s
    so I haven't tasted too much premium fare...but would like to if the price warrants it.
    esp when i can get a sweet deal on them.....
  14. conquerator2
    Interesting thread I found here [​IMG]
    Oh no. I have them still. I'm not getting rid of these anytime soon. I love them and I barely have the right equipment to run them. I just really like the Utopia. I slowed down so I didn't miss out on what the Sony's provide.
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