There's My Supra...
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 I hope you'll be alright, audiodwebe. This kind of unintentional mix-up can land a person in hot water and I hope you'll get off scot-free.
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Just a small question. How can he get in any trouble whatsoever for importing a headphone amp that happened to look to these people at the loading dock like a home made bomb? It's just a headphone amp haha. I don't mean any offense by this, I am generally interested how such a silly thing could actually possibly get you in trouble?
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because some employers won't allow you to use their address to ship your personal stuff to. Most employers are fine I guess, but that might just be a problem. Then again, it might not be and I hope so.
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At this point we don’t believe it was anything other than somebody using bad judgment, some horrible packaging and had some things sent through our loading dock they shouldn’t have,”

Bad judgment?  Boxes are inferior for shipping things now?  If horrible packaging causes this much of a stir then Newegg and Amazon must have god on their side.
Besides, what does the orientation of the packing material matter when they use x rays?
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 Oh yeah, and the tubes were packed inside the transformer cover! 
Hey Mamoru, did you get the receipt I sent with the amp, from the tube tech? It was a white envelope, so they might have to call the dogs in to give it a sniff. LOL
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I hope the amp is ok!
The local Walmart keeps the rocket motors in a locked glass display case 


When I was a kid, I used to order engines straight from Estes through the mail, addressed to me. Yeah, the good old days were when a 10 year old could order explosives with no problem...
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While we are waiting for AudioDwebe to relate today's experience, I thought I'd post a little about my paranoid "hometown" bank and a Mouser order.
This spring I placed a small order (<$15) with Mouser for parts to mod the Indeed G2 in my avatar, and paid for it with my debit card. Simple, right? Wrong!
Mouser notified me that my bank wouldn't authorize payment and asked for another payment source. I said no and asked their customer service rep to send the request again. No joy... again.
So, I went ballistic. The next day, I went to my bank and was directed to a matronly woman to discuss why the payment wasn't authorized. After looking at my account info, and saying absolutely nothing for a few seconds, she informed me that I had made electronic component purchases from Mouser, Digi-Key and Newark within the past several weeks and that these purchases appeared "suspicious." Barely keeping my rage bottled, I asked how me making any purchase could appear suspicious and she said, "Well for some reason you've started buying electronic parts from multiple companies after years of not buying any at all." Then I went ballistic, again.
I don't normally pull my "Judge card" in any everyday confrontation, but after sputtering about DIY and Mini^3s and headphone amps for a bit, I just stopped. I stood up and leaned on her desk and said, "Hello, I'm Judge Buffington. If you don't authorize this and any future payments to any electronics company, I'll be a major stock-holder in this bank by this time next year." The lady said nothing as I stormed out of the bank, but everyone in the bank watched me leave.
I called Mouser's customer service number about 10 minutes later, as I drove home, and asked them to put the payment request through. Yeah, it was accepted.
My daughter plays HS volleyball with one of the bank's loan officials' daughter and occasionally I'll ask him how things are at the bank. He just chuckles, shakes his head and grins at me. Everytime...
I figure they have surveillance footage of me in secure storage waiting on Homeland Security to request it. I sure do like my modded G2...
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Hope you don't have to send it out for repair.......
If your superior knew you had personal packages sent and never had instructed you otherwise, I would say by logic you nave nothing to worry about. That said, there may have to be a scapegoat for others to look good or save face.
And I would second DavidMahler's proposal on behalf of everybody who lost on Singlepower's thievery and deceit. That includes all who have had to spend money to secure peace of mind with your existing gear. In Dave's and many others cases, they don't have an amp to repair and were out their cash. 
Maybe we can have the bomb squad sent to Singlepower as a terrorist threat.

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