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Thebit OPUS #4

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Nov 5, 2018.
  1. artpiggo

    I have seen this teaser picture in Shanghai Canjam, I have been informed that this will be next generation of OPUS #4. The interface is really like Samsung. Wonder if it is a full android or restricted for apk installation only. likely to be latter.

    I google'd the device name and still not find any information on hardware. But well, it is really beautiful and tempting to my wallet.
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  2. azu13
    Can't wait for more information. I love their products!

    Actually there's more info here in Japanese

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
  3. max232
    How's their support? I would think long and hard about that purchase if i were you.
  4. borjok536
    they are releasing a new product? but how come they are not responding to emails regarding opus1s battery? i have sent them aeveral emails if i can return my opus1s for battery replacement again, but i havent received a response from them and its been 2 months already. i thought they were dead.
  5. gazzington
    I think they've disappeared
  6. max232
    Does it play when it plugged to a charger? If so, I would use it in my car and invest the battery money on another dap. Or, you could take it to a local electronics or phone repair shop and see if there's anything they can do.
  7. borjok536
    the opus1s is working perfectly sir but the battery swells, they have already replaced it last march 2019, that was August when I noticed that the battery swells. it will shut down itself even if it has 30 percent battery life. the fact that they are releasing a new product, it simply means that they are still in this business, we just want a formal reply. is this how they treat people who buy there products? besides we are not sending our unit for battery replacement for free, we will pay for it..

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