Thebit OPUS#2 Dap - out September/October 2016.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by expatinjapan, Sep 9, 2016.
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  1. Whitigir
    George, remember I ever mentioned that given the right conditions, the Opus #2 can outperform the 1Z ? Ok, here we go.

    Balanced out to Balanced out, the cables. Believe it or not. It was really the cables. I compared Z1R stock cables to 4.4mm Balanced out of comparison to Z1R on the Opus #2 with 2.5mm Balanced Cables that I made for the Opus #2 and Z1R. For a moment, I never would take the cables to be able to affect the quality from both players to this degree, and I refused to believe so, either way, back then, I had 0 chance to get any 4.4mm Pentaconn to make any cables.

    Yes, in this given time, and condition, the Opus #2 pulled ahead of the 1Z. Cables does a lot from a portable player. Then I looked into the specification of the cables, Z1R stock cables were 28Awg OFC with Silver plated wires. My cables for Opus #2 was 4 cores round braided of Pure UPOCC with each wires of 22AWG

    Until I could get myself a 4.4mm and configured the exact Cables for my Z1R into Wm1Z. The differences were immediately and Obvious.

    The only player I see that can stand Toes to Toes with 1Z given the equal conditions, that is Dx200 and Amp3. The differences are so little and given the sound signatures differences, it became null, and ofcourse 1Z was a better performer, but the different sound signatures would just allow people to make decisions upon their personal preferences, and pocket depth.

    Anyways, in the end, both Opus #2 and Dx200 are pretty high-standard for Portable DAP, which is pretty surprising. IMO, I would rate 1Z>Dx200 (ampX)>=Opus2. But really, to be able to stand in these comparison, these 2 more affordable players are totally recommended by me everytime
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  2. Drewligarchy
    Just got my Opus #2 last night and very impressed! 64Audio A12 shipped last night, and I got overnight delivery so should have a fun weekend!

    Loaded up a 400gb microSd card with no problems, and have been listening with Mr Speakers Aeon Flow C and Audeze Sine. I don't have any IEMs to test them with yet as my UE 18s are in for repair.

    Couple quick functionality related questions:

    - It sounds to me like the Opus #2 music player does not add gain to DSD files - which I find most players do to get closer to PCM. Can anyone confirm? This isn't a huge deal with IEMs, but with full size headphones - given that you have less headroom - it could be an issue. I really don't mind converting my DSD to Flac - but want to make sure I'm just not hearing things.
    - For the deep sleep mode, I have the crescent moon button selected - which, based on the default settings - goes into deep sleep mode in 10 minutes. When it comes out of deep sleep mode, it seems to turn off deep sleep mode (crescent moon becomes unselected - and deep sleep is turned off in settings). Is this expected behavior as well?
    - Anyone know where to get the most recent, authorized Tidal APK, or are you just copying it from your smartphone? Looks like a lot of sites have it available for download but nothing official.

    I can already tell this DAP is way more neutral than my ak240 - which sounds a bit rolled off in comparison. Obviously need more time, burn in, with different headphones/IEMs to give full impressions - but really enjoyed it with My Aeon Flows and Sines.

    BTW, Roon side-loading did not work. The app installed and booted up - and it also showed the Opus 2 as a local zone - but when played, audio was stuttering and eventually just stopped. Finally, Roon could no longer see the device as an endpoint. I can confirm it works as a Roon remote - but don't see why you'd want to use it in that manner. Also, not really a big deal as I have the 3/4 of my music collection directly on the device.
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  3. Drewligarchy
    Hi Ranfan -

    My device was preloaded with the newest firmware when received. I also did a factory reset, but it still remained at the latest firmware. Apologies I couldn't provide a comparison!
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  4. ranfan
    I'm having difficulty deciding which to like more between the 1A, and Opus#2. They're both great, and serve a different equally delicious flavour to my ears. Exceptional quality, and unique.
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  5. ranfan
    Ah, I was just about to ask you that. But it's alright.

    Yeah, I hope you'll have tons of fun like me. In the past week, the Opus#2 has been a really good companion, delivering high-quality sound I haven't heard before. Not from my laptop, not from any of my previous players.

    About the sleep mode, I think it's normal that after you turn it back on from sleep, the mode is disabled automatically. Else it would be a closed loop, a bad inelegant design in engineering perspective. I downloaded my Spotify APK from It works great, no problem so far. I haven't try the Tidal APK though, but here it is if you want to try:
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  6. Whitigir
    From my experiences, I would keep Opus 2 in comparison to 1A. Just due to the fact of how closely the Opus 2 stood up to 1Z, and then USB DAC feature, streaming, WiFi capability, icing on the cakes stuff. I almost sell 1Z and keep Opus 2 back then :)
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  7. ranfan
    It depends also on preference, and pairing IMO. The 1A is good (not necessarily better) for bright, lean sounding IEM, as it gives it a fuller body, and warmer natural feel. And the Opus#2 pairs well with warmer, thick-sounding IEMs, as it has an excellent separation, and precision to help improve the presentation, and clarity. I haven't heard the 1Z, but if it is similar/better than the 1A, I bet it sounds fantastic. Also the 1A I found provides a bigger driving power, making it more suitable for demanding phones like the Dream.
  8. SilverEars
    Opus#2 is better than 1A or DX200.
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  9. Whitigir
    Personal preferences :), no doubt that Opus #2 is not something to look down at. I am telling you that a lot of people do so, and they also do so to the Dx200. But there really is a clear different between opus 2 and Dx200 signatures. The Dx200 is still somewhat Sabres signatures, and while the Opus 2....well....I wouldn’t take it for being Sabres if I didn’t know it before auditioning it, and is in a good way
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  10. ranfan
    DX200 doesn't strike me as an improvement over DP-X1 when I tried it. They sound not far apart, the DX200 being even worse due to its buggy user interface (and more expensive too).. The Opus#2 however, is significantly more enjoyable than my previous DP-X1. I like how more balanced the sound is. The DP-X1 is good, but Opus#2 is just a level higher IMO.
  11. Bengkia369
    Both are excellent daps.
    Ak240 have a wider soundstage and bass is slightly more compared to Opus #2.
    Opus #2 have slightly thicker or meaty mids.
    Both daps are both very detailed and are awesome, just different sound signature.
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  12. subguy812
    I can tell you I had both the Kann and Opus #2 at the same time. I actually was crazy for a moment and attempted to sell my Opus #2, thank God no one bought it. The Kann had great battery life, lots of storage capabilities and power. Sound signature was more closely aligned with other AK players I had owned. The Opus #2 is just so detailed and allows you to hear music without coloration.
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  13. PinkyPowers
    Yeah, for me, KANN had the more colored, sort fantasy tuning. AK DAPs tend to sound more smooth than reality. That's awesome in it's own right, and I do quite enjoy it. But Opus#2 IS REALITY. lol. It sounds so weighty and tangible. It's smooth, but not unnaturally so. It's also the more transparent of the two. Opus' ability to delve into the depths of the music is the best I've heard. It's a monster of technical ability.
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  14. SilverEars
    Oh my gawd!! Sell Opus#2 over Kann? #2 is a top DAP, and I agree with Pinky, Kann is very colored, quite rediculous if you tell me. Never heard any DAP so obviously colored.

    IMO, Opus#2 is a DAP jewel.
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  15. subguy812
    You are correct...the Opus #2 is a jewel. The Kann is colored and very similar to the AK100II and 120II. Warm and smooth. The Kann could drive my HD650 with authority. As I said no one bought the Opus so I quickly pulled it off the sale board and returned the Kann while I could. There were other factors with the "deal" of the Kann that made it sweet.
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