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thebit Opus#1S DAP impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peter123, Jan 10, 2018.
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  1. peter123
    Feel the most Powerful and Dynamic sound

    • 24bit / 192kHz High Resolution Sound
    • Cirrus Logic CS43198 x 2EA Dual DAC
    • ARM Cortex-A9 1.4GHz, Quad-Core CPU DDR3 1GB
    • SNR 123dB, THD+N 0.0007%, Crosstalk – 140dB, Output 3.1Vmrs ( Unbalanced )
    • SNR 125dB, THD+N 0.0005%, Crosstalk – 142dB, Output 3.4Vmrs ( Balanced )
    • Low-clock-jitter sensitivity: 50ps(Typ)
    • 4inch TFT Wide Touch Display (480 x 800), IPS Panel
    • MP3, OGG, APE(Normal, High, Fast)
    • Internal Memory 32GB
    • External Micro SD Card Memory 256GB x 2EA
    • Enhanced ABS Solid Body and Tempered Glass
    • Ultra Power Saving Mode
    thebit Opus#1

    Link to latest fw download (as per June 6th 2018):
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  2. peter123
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  3. peter123
    I should be getting a review unit of the Opus 1S and I've already own the original Opus 1 so I'll be able to post a comparison between the two here when the new unit arrives.


    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  4. peterpans01
    I'm waiting for your review.
  5. ExpatinJapan
    8F46A915-10B5-4F8D-BA49-9A446E4B61E0.jpeg 7BE323DA-0B02-4515-8466-3DC92B37A9EC.jpeg CB83B717-D7C8-45C2-91B7-8BED36418F91.jpeg D3681A5C-4CDA-4B48-AA3E-0097C8972035.jpeg 3C3ACCCD-17E4-4DAF-B4E1-5AB511C7D0CC.jpeg C3F3C805-325F-4087-A96E-3160D8E36987.jpeg I posted a couple of early impressions in the Opus#1 thread (somewhere).

    I heard it at a Tokyo show in 2017. I volume matched them using a SPL meter app and compared one and oneS.

    I need to find the post to quote accurately.

    But from memory Opus 1S has a more full, deep and dynamic sound to it.
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  6. ExpatinJapan
    Found the post

    “I wrote about my brief show impressions. Cant write much more without going into inaccurate imagination territory.

    I did spend some time with both though.

    Using the Andromeda with stock Litz SE cable to try to stay semi reference for the day.

    I really enjoyed the S1 and thought it was a step up from the #1 . Perhaps incorporating a few tricks from #3 and esp #2 daps.

    But as always its a matter of taste.

    I wrote above
    “I A/B’d the original Opus#1 with the new Opus#1 (and volume checked with a spl meter).
    As we know the original Opus#1 is quite linear, the new version of the Opus#1 mark 2 is more dynamic, deeper, fuller and bolder.”

    And some more pics

    B484FCE6-3224-46F2-86DC-65EF4589177F.jpeg 01C67E53-3656-4621-AD29-4B0EA9F905B6.jpeg 0DA46E0F-26DA-4A2E-A503-CFCA92FDFE1C.jpeg F5FF2246-8630-4F1F-8AE8-BC9FF9460E84.jpeg
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  7. ostewart
    Really looking forward to getting one of these :D
  8. Passenger11
    I purchased the 1s on a whim. I was saving for an Opus #2, but the impulse bug got the better of me once again.
    I mainly wanted a source that would pair well with the Andro's. I wanted something aggressive like the Fiio X5iii, but a little less digital, if that makes any sense... Something warm, enveloping, with body, and organic like the Mojo. Something with air, good imaging, and staging like the #1.
    I've been listening for a few hours today, and in some variety or other I think I've got that with the Opus #1s.
    I'm most definitely not the individual to give you sound analogies, or comparisons. I will leave that expertise in the hands of others, and our thread starter Peter123. I do believe those with the Opus #1 will appreciate the 1s., but like ExpatinJapan said it will be a matter of taste-preference.

    I've observed a couple of bugs. One is touch panel sensitivity, but that has already been remedied with the latest FW. The other is with artist and album sorting. It recognizes my library, then splits it up into two parts alphabetically, A-Z, then the remaining A-Z. Sorry if I'm not being clear... I'm sure it will be sorted out in the next FW, especially if it's a common issue.

    Thanks Peter123, and thanks ExpatinJapan.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
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  9. gibby
    Subscribed. I'm returning my flakey n5ii and will try one of these.
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  10. jeffhawke
    Please let us know how it pans out once you're able to compare
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  11. davidcotton
    I assume the operating system is similar to the original opus 1 in that it's a closed version of android and unable to load any apps on it?

  12. subguy812
    The eagle has landed..... 20180112_162236.jpg
  13. subguy812
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  14. Ray3rd
    Interesting. All Opus's have the same
    ARM Cortex-A9 1.4GHz, Quad-Core CPU DDR3 1GB.
    You would think that after a few years the would put a newer better cpu in their newer products.
    Still waiting on a few more reviews before I buy my next DAP.
    Cayin N5ii, HiBy R6 or this one.
  15. subguy812
    They probably stick with the formula that works for them because they get excellent battery life in sleep mode.
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