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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. Origen Ru
    Hello, I am not inclined towards the sound of heavy bass but I know that these are the best price quality headphones in the world https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B018UB3HU0/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid = 1512705445 & sr = 8-3 & pi = AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65 & keywords = solid + bass + headphones & dpPl = 1 & dpID = 41zKNntE71L & ref = plSrch and really they almost give away for the price.
  2. nadezhda 6004
    I need in-ear phones. Otherwise I have ATH-M50X and Meze 99 Classics.
  3. Hherrmmann
    Thanks a lot for the wealth of information.
    Can anyone say a bit more on the Delete function of the AK4495SEQ?
    I read on page 1 of your review that tracks cannot be deleted while listening. That's probably something I'll miss.
    Sometimes I use my MP3 player to select files, and delete the ones I don't like while listening on the bike (without looking on the screen).
    I have the impression that with this player, I shall first play the track, and if I decide to delete I shall memorise the filename and then separately browse to the track with the explorer, and delete it from there.
    Did I understand correctly?
    I hope there is a simpler way!
    Cheers - Herman
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
  4. CactusPete23
    The KZ ZS6 are pretty amazing when you can catch the deals posted on this thread > https://www.head-fi.org/threads/feb...ise-cancellation.832367/page-91#post-14026705
  5. nadezhda 6004
    I have KZ ZS 1, 2, 3, 5,6 ZST. None satisfies me as far as the bass is concerned. Could be I am a basshead.
  6. weedophile
    ZS3 is probably the bassiest of all i guess. Have u tried tips rolling? Lack of bass may be due to not having a good fit.
  7. nadezhda 6004
    Yes, I have tried silicon, foam, T100-400, spinfit. Now expecting Comply. But I don't think it will help.
  8. hakuzen
    if it is not isolation, you might be using a source which uses tiny coupling caps.. or you are a true bass(head+body+soul)
    weedophile likes this.
  9. weedophile
    I probably think so xD the Zishan by itself is a very powerful bassy source for me already.

    @nadezhda 6004 perhaps u can try earbuds? The Vido and Qian39 are the 2 bass monsters i have in my collection (might not satisfy u though)
  10. nadezhda 6004
    Thanks for the clue. Unfortunately the earbuds do not hold in my ears. I have Fengru which I love but can't use them. Always falling out.
  11. MarkCavendish
    maybe this is out of topic , does zishan z1 support to play flac 24bit 96khz?
  12. phuzzyday
    It sure does. A lot of people are starting to realize, though, that the stuff being said about higher sampling rates being pointless is true! I have the Z2, and love it. When I bought it I would stick my nose up around anything below 96khz, but I now realize there is no need. I think I am actually enjoying music more now without that hangup! There is so much more to choose from!

    MarkCavendish and noknok23 like this.
  13. dumbears
    1525363009607.jpg Just FYI. ZiShan just released a 4497 player!

    Attached is the pic of the pcbs.
    DBaldock9, noknok23, endia and 2 others like this.
  14. neog007
  15. Ivan TT
    Looks interesting, ordered.
    I have FA1 and M200+, so it will be AK4497 #3 :)
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