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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. Brian Coffey
    Thoughts on it when you get a chance please!
  2. Frederick Wang
    Dead clean sound is the very first impression, but I don't think at this early stage what I hear can do it justice. 
    Will run it for one or two days :)
    But there is two things come as surprises: 1. there is no physical volume control. 2. for a literally heavy-weight machine, it doesn't pump up tons of power. 
    Brian Coffey likes this.
  3. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    The SU1 is just a straight dac with line level output, thats why no vol control, its primarily intended for connecting to an amp for power and vol control.
  4. Pulpfiction
    Does anyone have suggestions for TaoBao agents (shipping to Netherlands).
    TaoBao's own service doesn't ship here from what I understand, and TaoBaoRing (who I read the most positive stuff about) gave me a message saying their expediter is having problems shipping to the Netherlands and ceased doing so for the moment.
    Made an account on Bhiner, but I got lots of cover-our-ass messages from them (saying this is a fragile item & it can definitely be damaged during shipping, also they only check for visual damage but won't try to turn it on for instance). I dunno, maybe this is normal and the same goes for any other TB agent... Open for any hints / tips / tricks etc !
  5. CactusPete23
    Don't know if this is an option for you...
    I once asked a friend who was making routine business trips to China, if he could bring back some electronics for me.  He agreed, and then I asked someone from Taiwan, also visiting China for same meeting, if he could order from Taobao for me.  He ordered and had it sent to the Hotel they were staying in.   Value was below US Customs limit, so no problem with duties when brought back to USA...
    Anyway, in Today's world, many people from lots of countries travel to China.  And probably safer transport than regular mail.
    Most Taobao vendors can deliver to Thailand, Taiwan, S.Korea, Malaysia, Sometimes New Zealand and Australia.  Along with China itself.=, for relatively cheap shipping cost.
  6. Pulpfiction
    Thnx for the reply Pete,
    Good suggestion, but unfortunately I don't have any friends travelling or living in these locations (yet) ..
    Looking forward to hear how you got your Zishan's guys & girls !
  7. bzfrank
    The EU has started a new program to impose strict import customs procedures for Chinese goods. Guess the Netherlands just implemented them first.
  8. neog007
    puff really?? that's really really very bad news, I didn't hear it. well maybe is just for the big stuff I can imagine the viability a program like that vastly implemented for millions of imported small things (like our players earphones etc etc)
  9. Frederick Wang
    It does sound more refined with an amp. But the sound can also be controlled by the computer, that's very rare for a dac... 
  10. nick n
    15v modded copper button showed up tonight, tried it out for a walk  a bit ago and still on now =love the roll off settings.
     Controls might take some getting used to but reasonably intuitive.
    Overall control over the notes is just nuts. As is the sound.
    No issues at all so far seems to be operating perfectly. Extreeeeemely glad I got this thing seems well worth it, a no-brainer.
    Currently testing with JVC HA-MX10-B
  11. vapman
    Which seller did you get yours from?
  12. nick n
  13. waynes world
    Which is more of a no-brainer... this or the walnut?
    Btw, love those MX10-B's you let me try out. If my jvc-990's (which I got thanks to you I might add) didn't sound so close to them, I'd have 'em!
  14. nick n
    Consider this was about $43 usd beyond the ebay price for the upgrade. Give me some time on it and I will PM you :)
  15. vapman
    I will have to give the JVC a listen, I've never heard most JVC models aside from the SZ lineup!
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