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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. macky112
    still curious abut the Zishan DSD SQ vs Xduoo X10, and has the QC issue been resolved?
  2. bzfrank
    Cannot tell about the OC situtation - mine is running like a champ after my repair.
    A few notes:
    - My Zishan has now burned in 400+ hours and 200+ with the new OPA2107. I consider the sound signature now stable.
    - It has improved mightly. Part of it is the new op amp, but some smoothness may be also due to the burn-in.
    - It has now replaced the iHifi990 at its audio top spot in my portable inventory. Outperforming the iBassos (DX80/90), iHifis (812v2/990), Sansa Clip+, Cowon D2+...
    - When fed with PCM its good, but it really gets stellar playing DSD. I suggest you to try it with this DSD256 recording:
     it literally blows your socks off. Like being beamed into the concert hall.
    What I like:
    - Sound quality (OPA2107 mod, I cannot stand the original LME49720, too 'metallic' YMMV)
    - Can be modded (roll-able op amp)
    - Good run time
    - Standby almost needs no battery
    - Boot time, press the button and its there. Less than one second.
    - DSD playback is sublime and up to DSD256 native (no PCM conversion and it audible!)
    What I dislike:
    - No gapless.
    - No AAC (but not a biggy: I currently convert them with Fre:ac to FLAC, works well)
    - Possible build QC issues. I was hit by them but could repair mine, but not everyone has a hot-air rework station for SMD reflow handy)
  3. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Yeah the Zishan is seriously good value compared to all other hifi daps I know of,  I can easily recommend it to anyone, it beats the pants of many mainstream brand daps costing 3-4x as much. I do consider D200 to sound noticeably better with 16/44, but it just isn't as good value as the feature rich Zishan, which has native DSD, external DAC, and an excellent F7 micro-controller for CPU. Nothing comes close for value, like I said before, the Zishan doesn't compete in it's own price bracket, it competes in 3-4x it's own price bracket if you take it's features and sound together.
    Be on the lookout for the D200+ coming out soon, cost CNY1899, has balanced out and native DSD, but only DSD64, the Zishan still has a better CPU than the new D200+... The Zishan is still best value!
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  4. vapman
    Anybody tried a 200GB SD in it? any glitches?
  5. Frederick Wang
    I finally returned my modded Zishan to Ghost DIY shop after a nasty dispute. 
    I liked the sound a lot during the time it worked, but Mr. Ghost's craftsmanship is very questionable, I don't recommend this upgrade solely for QC reasons. 
    I probably will buy another stock one from Zishan's official taobao shop:
    Will decide after Chord releases its new product. 
  6. Frederick Wang
    My 128G SD had glitches, though it was said to be supported. 
  7. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Interesting, so there is a $20 cheaper model that uses digital volume control and AK4490, instead of AK4495 and analog volume like the slightly pricier version: https://world.taobao.com/item/541533772614.htm
    Wait, since when was there an AK4497 dac, why hasn't anyone used this beast!
  8. AudioNewbi3
    I believe this was the model that I mentioned I was interested to buy a few pages back mate.
  9. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    ^ Yeah I know, but I hadn't realized they changed the dac for that model.
  10. AudioNewbi3
    Ah I see I see. Probably, also justifies the lower pricing perhaps?
  11. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I'm really jealous of people that got a Red D200 with AK4497EQ DAC! [​IMG] Only a few VIP's could get one...  I want one. [​IMG]
    REDD200AK4497.jpg z.jpg
    Luiz Santana likes this.
  12. musicday
    The new product will be released tomorrow at CES2017.
    As for Zishan I returned long time ago to eBay seller.Finally got my refund.
    Really liked Zishan but QC is a big problem.
    Maybe had issues with volume pot after 8-10 of normal use.
    I would like another one if QC is solved.
  13. macky112

    Is it worth saving $20 to get the AK4490 model? Aka Xduoo x10 dac
  14. bzfrank
    Will the red one be for sale someday? Or is it just a teaser for VIPs?
  15. neog007
    you can't really compare zishan and xduoo it wouldn't be fair, as it was mentioned before try it better with 4-5x times higher cost players. one of the things I found annoying about the zishan at the beginning was the endless upgrade options you have. Now I understand that's a great advantage once you understand them, you can customize the sound -including the swappable oamp of your choice- so much that, if you're OK with the other caracteristics of the player, I guess it will be with you for years, not being stuck with one sound and harware  configuration until the release of a new player every 8-10 months -as xDuoo and almost any other company does-. Simply amazing keeping in mind what it offers at that price. But to be honest, the d200 is an step up in sound terms I think.
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