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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. Merlin-PT
    ^Use google translate here:

    They say there are different models of display used in the different DSD HW revisions and they are not completely compatible with each other.
    For example in my DSD I can read the beginning of the LCD model: TFT8K19????? the rest is covered by the PCB.
    I think you need to see what you LCD model is and buy the same model.
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  2. citral23
    Open it?
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  3. Merlin-PT
    The LCD model is printed on the LCD back, he will need to unglue the LCD from the PCB to try to see the full model number.
    I can't see it all, but I think the LCD model is the white TFT8K1..... (this specific model is for my HW revision) printed in the orange flat cable that is on the LCD back.

    Note: The orange flat cable is soldered to the PCB, but is fragile and will break electrical connection easily, so don't unglue a good working LCD.
    PS: I think they were saying in the Russian forum the LCD is difficult to find.

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  4. neog007
    Bought the zishan t1. Previously the f.audio xs03. Both with ak4493x2 BO.
    Still prefer the sound of the DSD in LO.
    For balanced I prefer the f.audio over the T1, but this can change since the f.audio has no upgradeable oamp option.
    T1 is difficult to manage compared with the DSD. Not only for the resistive screen´s quality but with so few options touch screen was totally inconvenient with stock firmware, but I guess those who will install rockbox will appreciate it a lot.
    Curious about the evolution and modding of the new player though, in particular if it will be a ak4497x2 module in the future.
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  5. vjtf
    Hello guys,
    I'm sorry to bring back a question already made, but I need a simple answer from any of the thread gurus.
    It was clearly explained around one hundred pages ago that multiple BA IEMs was a bad option for the stock DSD Zishan, due its high out impedance.
    Here comes my question: the fact that multiple BAs IEM is a bad option comes from the nature of Balanced Armature, or from from the "multiple" part (I mean, from the act of divide the sound spectrum reproduction by several devices).

    Another perspective of this question: could an "only" 2DD IEM be an acceptable option to pair the DSD, or a single DD IEM must be what I should be looking for?

    Thank you so much
  6. Ivan TT
    Just made a comment about it in T1 thread :)
    Output Impedance rule is considered to be 1/8, from what I read on the internet.

    Output resistors AMD headphones form a HPF together with output capacitors, pushing the cut off frequency into subsonic territory on higher impedance earphones, but anything below 32Ohms is likely to suffer from LF attenuation.

    Damping factor is not an issue for DD earphones, but BA’s (not all but some) are affected, losing quality of LF and becoming sizzly in HF, at least judging from personal experience.

    Removing output caps, resistors and lowering the value of emitter resistors (as DSD/T1 share same discrete output buffer design) is an option and I did it on one of my DSDs, having only 5.6Ohm emitter resistors (so the output impedance is just under 3Ohms compared to around 13Ohm on T1 and 25Ohm on DSD and then I used some extra trickery to reduce the effect even more), the improvement is quite notable, but DC coupled output stage is no longer idiot proof and requires care when swapping opamps and I’m using it at my own risk (and enjoyment). Obviously I took steps to insure that output DC is within acceptable range, currently below 1mV on both channels.

    All in all tampering with the output stage is only necessary if one uses Lo-Z BA IEMs and I note that ChiFi enthusiasts favour DD or hybrids which explains 10Ohm output resistor choice I believe.
  7. neog007
    Well after some days with them, and if anyone interested, I can confirm that Zishan T1 sound is just not worth at this time, even upgrading the oapms. Is more like an upgrade of the Zishan Z3 than a Zishan DSD rival. So disappointed.
    My advice if you want the T1 for the balanced output, is to get the F.audio XS03 at a similar price and fairy better sound, or wait for a possible new version of the DSD.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  8. Draknodd
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  9. Merlin-PT
    What dacs do you have in your dsd and T1?
    If it's dsd ak4497 vs T1 2xak4493 vs z3 ak4493, it makes sense because of the dacs and T1 having better circuit design than z3.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  10. neog007
    my zishan dsd is ak4495, and obviously the Z3 has the worst circuit design of all the players mentioned here. But even compared the T1 with the f.audio XS03, both with double ak4493 balanced output the difference is noticeable. BO on the T1 is week, lacks of body, and has less separation effect than the f.audio.
    Thay makes me think if it will be worth to upgrade coming next T1 dac modules
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  11. DBaldock9
    So, when looking at the NiceHCK AliExpress page for the Zishan T1, one of the "related / comparable" devices that's shown, is the F.Audio FA2 DSD, with AK4497EQ DAC and OPA1632 / OPA1612 op-amps.
    It is about twice as expensive, at $195 (On Sale in 2 days), but I was wondering if any of y'all have heard it, and can compare its User Interface and Sound, with that of the Zishan DSD and T1? Thanks!
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    On eB I saw it (the T1) Ak4490 from China Buy now at $56, there's a bidding option on one which is currently at $25, with ~6 days left, there's an Ak4497 for 89€ and the XS03 Ak4493 107€

    How good is the T1 vs the Z1, stock? Any great reasons to get the T1, having the Z1?

    I haven't upgraded the Z1, but now that it's been a minute and you tinkerers have figured out the best mods, what would be the optimal upgrades to do? Or is it really as I've read, that it's best to leave it at stock? I'd ask the same regarding the T1 but I see you've pretty much answered it here.

    *Thanks to neog007 for sale format correction.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
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  13. neog007
    I don't have the Z1 to compare but it's easy to find that internal circuitry is better on the T1. On the other hand, you can change the dac and have touch screen. I've just compared the stock T1 with the stock f.audio xs03, both with dual ak4493.
    The T1 has good potential though, it's just too new and the modding/upgrading community is not developed yet as in the other Zishan's players.
    Anyway, I saw the T1 ak4490 on ebay for 50eur "buy it now" minimum price, and different dac modules for it. The ak4497 for 56eur
  14. Chickenbimpstick
    Hey guys. I've been perusing through this thread for some time now looking for answers to some of my questions but I thought I could just ask... I'm new to the Zishan community (and pretty much new to the audio world) and need to some help with my first purchase. I have some low impedance gear and tossing up between an AK4497eq (is eq a new version or something?) and AK4490. I dont mind modding my device to match low impedance gear, but I do need instructions or if anyone could link me to a forum post which would be much appreciated (Russian is fine). or even just a list of mods that I can research myself.

    Furthermore, I have noticed a disproportionate popularity of the Ak4497eq compared to all the other variants; what do people with low impedance gear do? also, where would I find a 4995 varient as i couldn't find it on aliexpress? or should I just buy a Z3?

    Thanks in advance, sorry if these questions have already been answered.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
  15. Themilkman46290
    Yeah I have heard them all and the ak4490—4495 where the best for lower impedance, I have the 4490 with a Burson v5i and its better then my ak4497 version but I haven't tried some of the more serious and tricky mods like removing the caps and reducing the impedance but the balance out on the 4497 is great with high impedance buds, the 4490 is much better with iems and low impedance and still has more power than the ak4497 . Too bad it's neglected, the Burson v5i needed some case work and made it about 6mm thicker but the equalizer works better, it opened up the sound and made everything a bit more controlled I would recommend it
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