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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. Ivan TT
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  2. LaughMoreDaily
  3. LaughMoreDaily
    Buying a Zishan is never a waste of money. It's an investment.
  4. Merlin-PT
  5. Ivan TT
    Try Copy-paste, would not open for me either :frowning2:
  6. Merlin-PT
  7. IcedFrosty
    For you guys who excited for the new T1 and saying the 799 is aging and T1 is somewhat better, hold up. There's gotta be a lot of price to pay for the changeable DAC module. For you guys who already ordered, I'm counting on you for your experiences on the T1 once it arrived. And if you don't mind, write all your thoughts and opinions for ZiShan T1 on the T1 thread :wink:. Good day
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  8. LaughMoreDaily
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  9. Merlin-PT
    In Ivan's photo, the cable is used to connect Zishan to an external DAC, it carries a SPDIF digital signal.
    We can also see the cable is connected to the bottom side of zishan.
    SPDIF needs a coax cable and there are some in AE, but because is so short, any cable can work in a test (don't put the player near a transformer, a mobile phone or other interference if the short cable has no shield).
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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  10. nhumdorn
    Unbelievable just M2M regular cable can make ZiShan DSD sending coax output to Mojo. Work like a charm. Thanks!
  11. Merlin-PT



    I bought my DSD to experiment and learn more about audio circuits.
    I wanted to find and try a low profile soic8 N socket, that could be soldered anywere on (approximately) the same PCB size of a soic8 opamp.
    I knew they had these sockets for 200/300 MIL (wider) flashroms and wished they also made them for 150 MIL.
    Couldn't find anyone using or advertised this 150 MIL (soic8 Narrow) low profile sockets until now.
    I think they were designed for flashroms, but I really don't know.

    I didn't A/B test the sockets sound wise and only time can tell how many insertions they can handle.
    The connectors look good, contacts look like gold plated and worked well in the few minutes I tried.
    They are difficult to solder. I used a 1mm tip.
    One idea is to solder one in a dip8 adapter, test and compare the sound and socket mechanical resistance and see how it goes for longer time.

    They are the "SOP8 deck 150mil" model:

    Use at your own risk in your projects, I only used them for a few minutes yet.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  12. Themilkman46290
    Thanks for that, been curious about this idea for a wile
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  13. endia

    still have no time to do a similar idea for months..
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  14. Merlin-PT
    One thing I noticed is that the old/traditional soic8 to dip8 adapter used for opamps can damage and pull the PCB traces when frequent used.
    I had one (temporary) soldered in Z3 to test opamps and I was careful to pull the DIP8 female socket part from the Z3, before I inserted a new opamp, but still it damaged one PCB trace after some insertions (let's say 20+ insertions).

    So I replaced that traditional socket with this new low profile socket model in my Z3 (had to cut a tiny bit of the socket for it to fit).

    Opening this new low profile socket requires much less strength to the PCB, but I considered putting a bit of glue at the socket bottom and glue it to the PCB before soldering, so zero strength is applied to the PCB traces when it's used.

    Because one PCB trace was already a bit lifted in my Z3, I glued the new socket to the PCB before I solder it.
    I also glued the new sockets to my DSD before soldering, maybe it's not required, but I won't have surprises this way.
    I used araldite and usually araldite will unglued with the hot air station high temperature, but I didn't tried to remove it.
    I don't have an idea how to unsolder this sockets without melting them, I think the hot air station will melt the plastic socket.
    Anyway, I considered all this before I glued and solder them and I have no intention to remove the sockets, so no worries.

    The new sockets are working well, for now they always made good electrical contact without any noises.
    These sockets make a good tight fit, used unsoldered soic8 opamps can't have any solder at all in them, not even the tiniest bit. Brand new ones fit like a glove in the socket.

    opamp placed on top of the socket (bottom) feet, to give an idea of the space the socket occupies when soldered onto the PCB:

    Note: leftover solder on the opamp legs can't go inside the socket

    Socket height 5.58mm:
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  15. khevhin
    can i ask what the exact model of zishan dsd LCD screen. I broke mine and i really need some replacement.
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