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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. miammiex
    Why my zishan dsd doesnt play m4a :frowning2:. Running 0.4i firmware. Its sbow dont support 22050 sample
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  2. DBaldock9
    Just as an experiment, try changing the suffix from m4a to aac.
  3. bobsherman
    Are there any differences in firmware for the 4497 that would allow reading sub folders when using explorer? Currently I can have music folders but if there are sub-folders in a music folder they are not accessible. TIA
  4. DBaldock9
    The directory structure on my memory cards is -
    Music / [ Genre ] / [ Artist ] / [ Album ] / [ Tracks ]

    So, it's reading the .flac files, three folders deep from the Root level, which is where the Music folder is located.
    I have not tried creating any folders in the folders that contain the .flac files.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  5. miammiex
    Not working for me, the file just disappear on Zishan. Does anyone have M4a working on Zishan dsd?
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  6. DBaldock9
    Here's the table of supported formats, from the page where I bought my second DSD -
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  7. Themilkman46290
    Just want to share, my 3.5 mm went bad, decided to replace it with a plate mounted 3.5mm and added a couple leads, the 2 2800 mAh batteries give me around 16-18 hours IMG_20190705_140528.jpg IMG_20190705_140540.jpg
    And the belt clip, makes it alot more comfortable to use at work
  8. Merlin-PT
    You painted the leather yourself. I like the looks, very cool.
  9. kalibur
    Anyone tried this yet? How will it compare to the upgrade 4497 version?
  10. citral23
    Looks like a mistake to me, ZiShan 799 is the ak4497 version, if there was a new ak4495 one it wouldn't be called 799. They also use the 4497 version pictures, and if one goes to details there's an ak4497 advertisement in the middle of the dap pictures soooo....
  11. IcedFrosty
    Hello everyone. I am looking to buy the 799 in the future, but as I know, when the ak4495 version of the dsd is released, couple months later, zishan upgraded the DAC into the 4497. Now, ak4499 is just released, do you think that zishan will upgrade the DAC again into a more advanced DAC chip? The power consumption is almost twice as much as ak4497. But I think zishan will make the 4499 version of the dsd in the future, as they always wanted to be leader in this price-to-performance audio game.

    What do you guys think?
  12. citral23
    Yes I do, my DSD with firmware .4i shows and plays .m4a, however .aac don't even show up.

    Anyone knows how to display album art? I have cover.jpg in each album folder and they don't show up.
  13. stmiller
    Attach the album art directly to individual tracks with an editor like mp3tag.
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  14. nhumdorn
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  15. citral23
    Well I guess my quest for a good, affordable USB-C player is ending. The new Zishan even supports rockbox. Feel a bit bad for "wasting" 87€ in the DSD a few weeks ago, if I knew that one was coming...

    € 74,48 31%de réduction | Zishan T1 Dual AK4493EQ DSD lecteur MP3 professionnel sans perte HiFi portable lecteur MP3 Solution dure amplificateur équilibré Z2 Z3

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