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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. flea22
    Thanks for the info, I ended up getting a wa7, I still want to try the wa7 with the stx. Im not going to use the stx headphone amp. So will I only need 2 burson v6 opamp's? Dont want to spend money I dont have too. If anyone could answer this question that would be great.
  2. recepky
    I am using 2 sonic imagery 994enh on IV stage and 1 burson v5 on buffer, very impressive, you can start with IVs, I strongly recommend sonic imagery opamps
  3. Raine
    well with that price tag, it should be impressive :D

    but I'm planing to mainly listen to RCA outputs. not sure how I should pick my op amps because it's the first time upgrading for me.
    I've been thinking two V5i's and one LT1028ACN8 or LT1010 buffer
    want to get the most out of my monitors. could also afford to spend up to 100$ for amps, but can't have anything that would protrude through EM shield.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2017
  4. Jonathan Crouch
  5. Voxata
    Figured I'd post an update here as my last Essence STX w/V5s has officially been retired from HTPC duty and gifted to a friend. I'm now running a Burson Play! with V6 Vivid OpAmps. On the STX the V5's to me were the best opamp option as they help with soundstage height, punch and authority. I really enjoyed the combo however the micro detail presentation would be the biggest weakness to me. I saw some mods using resistors on the back of the STX that would supposedly help this problem a bit however, not solve it. When listening to the STX I have the urge to crank the volume through the roof. As if my brain was craving more information in a way. With the Play! I'm able to keep my volume lower and the detail retrieval is on another level. The euphoric presentation is still there too. There is also a preamp out rear panel, front 1/4 jack and 3.5mm mic in - plus a remote and it is 5.25 form factor with external desk mount option. So, no more using my keyboard hotkeys on the couch haha. I'll be getting into some comparisons later this week for those who want more info from an early adopter but seeing used OpAmp STXs go for $200 range I can't see a single reason to not just get a Play instead. More to come soon, fellow PC Master Race friends.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  6. Jonathan Crouch
    They’re already shipping? I didn’t think they were shipping until the 15th o.O
  7. Voxata
    That's obviously a soft date, they seem to be shipping sooner I'm not the only one shipped to yet.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  8. Jonathan Crouch
    Alright hopefully mine will be in soon too. I ordered mine back the first day they were available to order. I already sold my STX 2 so I'm eagerly awaiting this one. I have a conductor air I ordered from them a while back that I've been using that I still prefer to the STX but this should be a fairly sizeable upgrade to even that and it will mount inside a desktop too which will help a lot.
  9. Voxata
    Mine took some email communication, I'm sure it'll ship soon. I also liked the STX over the Air in all but detail retrieval depending on the system used. The play just kills the STX though in everything. I'm primarily using AKG K702s and a Carver M200T with Event 20/20 monitors. Very, very revealing setups.
  10. Jonathan Crouch
    I use the HD 700's for my pair of cans. The 700's and 800's tend to be extremely picky over their signal source versus other headsets I've used. Thus far I've found Burson's products to be the best for them.
  11. Voxata
    The play would be a good match with vivid opamps for those cans I believe. I found this to be forgiving of harsh treble yet still detailed and enjoyable. On the 702s through my other gear I have trouble enjoying EDM and other treble sharp genres for long. On the play I feel like I can listen to the K702s for hours and the engagement is excellent. It's not rounded or smoothed over up top, everything is present - just not piercing.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  12. Jonathan Crouch
    I made sure I purchased the Vivid's when I bought one. So we'll see how it goes.
  13. Voxata
  14. Jonathan Crouch
    Looks good I also wrote Burson today and asked them to join the audiophile community over at Massdrop. There's a lot of audiophiles there and you can get a lot of headphones there at a great price. Even some custom models are made by manufactures such as the HD6XX (special edition HD650 that they sell for $199,) AKG, Fostex and many others.
  15. gandahar
    did anyone upgraded to something better than the xonar stx ?

    i am looking for one device (amp+dac) which would be better than the xonar stx
    any suggestions ?
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