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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. Panagiotis

    I didn't put it the right way...
    I bought them dual to mono on adapter board. Not the mono dip8 version.
  2. Panagiotis
    Anyway.... I bought them from a Chinese ebay seller for a very low price... Maybe I should have been more careful. Or not?
  3. fredeb
    aah ... I see ! I bought a similar setup where opamps where mounted back to front . In such cases one may look for pins 2 and 3 by using a multimeter to check input impedance , and then find pins 5 and 6 , which should have similar impedance . Once you've found pins 2 and 3 , pin 1 should be obvious
  4. Panagiotis
    Could you suggest some reliable e-sellers for opamps please?
    I know already the french.
  5. fredeb
    I'm afraid that I really can't think of anyone to suggest , I take my chances on Fleabay , like you I guess .
  6. Jonathan Crouch
    I still have not figured out why every V5 and V5i (I have gone through a total of 8 of them now) I have used has overheated using my STX 2. I have used 2 seperate STX II's for this as well (It has occured on both of them.) I made sure they were inserted the properly. Burson was kind enough to replace two sets of them. I decided to stop after the 2nd set. While they were working they were the best things I have ever listened to. I just do not understand why they were overheating.
    This was my first set http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii32/Zenairis/IMG_0218.jpg
  7. fredeb
    Did the guys at Burson not have any idea ? Voltage too high perhaps ?
  8. Jonathan Crouch
    They weren't sure either. They gave me a V5i to test out in the slot that was having the issue the most which was the LPF slot. That one lasted longer but even it burned out after about 2 weeks of use. I really have no idea what's causing those to get so hot. The standard amps that came with it have not had issues even after months of use which I do not understand.
  9. Jonathan Crouch
    One of the capacitors for that amp slot blew up as well. I attempted to fix it replacing the capacitor on my 1st STX II. It didn't work out unfortunately. Since then I have been using my 2nd STX II. The motherboard and power supply I'm using are an ASUS Maximus VII and a Corsair HX1000i. 
    Edit: The last set I tested was two V5-D's in the two rear I/V with the V5i-D in the LPF slot.
  10. fredeb
    It may be the 2 in the I/V stage creating too much current and/or voltage for the next stage ( accumulative power ) . Was the soundcard volume set high when it happened ?
    You have an excellent motherboard and PSU , I doubt it has anything to do with them , probably an increase in power delivery that Asus made from the STX to the STX2 . Might be worth asking Asus support , so that others don't make the same mistake .
    I'm sorry that that happened to you .
  11. Jonathan Crouch
    The volume was kept at 76% which is 
    The volume was kept at 76% which is the normal threshold for the STX 2. Although I have seen people upgrade the STX 2 with these and not have issues as far as I know. I will definitely consider asking ASUS though and see what happened. Although the I/V stages eventually burned out as well.
  12. Panagiotis
    Hello to all of you.

    After reading this thread and through some advices of yours I ended up using for my asus essence st three ad797br dual to mono opamps. They were the best sounding for my taste among the below I bought and tested.


    The ad797br were a lot better in the bellow points.

    Better stereo seperation better intrument imaging spacing and presence. Better high frequencies with clear presence and richer detail. Fluid midrange and very musical but not coloured. Great low frequency presence with very good aeticulation of notes. Better air ant transients.

    Audio Physic Scorpio II speakers
    Pass Labs INT30A amp
    Dedicated audio pc with ssd ans asus xonar essence st.

    Now I'm thinking if it worth to go for audiogd earth opamps.

    No way for burson because of high cost.
  13. Panagiotis
    Is there a big sonic difference towards the burson opamps?
    I'm asking because the cost is great for a triad of them...
  14. Voxata
    The cost of the Burson opamps is worth every penny. Difference is great.
  15. Panagiotis
    Thanks for the answer.

    I have bought up to now some opamps and honestly the differences between them were subtle except of the ad797br which were quite better.

    The above experience I had has made me a bit suspicious on the amount of improvement in case I buy burson opamps.

    Your comment is clear though on the amount of improvement.
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