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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. Unclewall
    The smart setting and gain are controlled by the xonar control panel which should have also been installed
    LFE is for use with a sub woofer so not used
  2. bluex
    I will try today, to change the OP AMPS, but i don't know exactly which one is the buffer
    Does it matter if the soundcard is on the PCI ex4 instead x1 ?
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Asus PCI-E sound card will work in the PCI-E X1 or X4 or X8 or X16 slot
  4. fredeb
    The 2 together are the I/V ( current/voltage ) stage , and the one on it's own , closest to the outputs is the buffer . The buffer only affects the RCA outputs ( amplifier and speakers ) , whereas the other 2 affect everything ( headphone and RCA outs ) .
  5. bluex
    I tried the new op amps, i still miss some bass
    Question : would something like this be ok, together with STX II ?
  6. fredeb
    In which country do you live Bluex ? The reason I ask , is that I think you should look for  something 2nd hand , and at least 100wpc@ 8ohm for the same money the Marantz is going for . Whilst I'm sure the Marantz is a fine amplifier , it is only a 45 wpc amp . If you like bass and are looking at using the going standard in speakers ( 88-91 dB/w @ 1m ) , you're going to be disappointed . Good bass likes power  . 
    If you can , save up for this : http://www.iqspeakers.co.uk/product-page/7311fc00-3eda-16fb-cd8d-a48863ca1bab
    Or ..... buy these and build it yourself :
    https://www.hypexshop.com/DetailServlet?detailID=2287        2x these Class D amplifier modules 
    https://www.hypexshop.com/DetailServlet?detailID=3140        1x Switch mode power supply
    The UcD400HG w HxR modules ( 400wpc @ 4ohm 200wpc @ 8ohm ) would be even beter .
  7. bluex
    I'm from Germany
    Someone recommended this :
    What do you think, fredeb ?
  8. fredeb
    That looks goooood ! I'd say go for it .
  9. bluex
    Would that add more " power " ?
    Not only bass, i mean more " life " to the sound....
    Thank you
  10. fredeb
    That should surely knock things up a notch or two . The specs certainly look impressive , 4 watts to drive your headphones is pretty impressive .
    If you do get a dedicated Head Amp , and you're then using the RCA outs from the STX2 , be sure to try LM6172 the buffer section , I like it a lot .
    Hopefully some other people will also offer advise regarding choosing an amp for your HD600's and what works well with them .
  11. bluex
    As I said, i purchased ASUS STX II, i love it when i listen music, way better than ZxR
    But for gaming, ZxR is the winner, no doubt
    Now i have both soundcards, i'd like to keep them both
    Is there an option to use them both with 1 single headphone ? I could select from the Windows Control Panel ZxR or ASUS, but everytime i have to unplug the headphone from ASUS - ZxR and that's a bad idea
    Some splitter / convertor / ?
    Thank you
  12. fredeb

    Nice little DIY project for you - this device will mute output during switching , there-by avoiding damage to your headphones . 
  13. bluex
    Do i still have to unplug the headphones everytime when i want to select another soundcard ??
  14. Panagiotis
    Hello to you all.

    I purchased a few days ago three AD797BR opamps and installed them on my asus xonar essence st card. To my pleasant suprise they were playing excellent though one of the three didn't work and had to change it with another.
    To my next suprised one of the two remaining was burned giving away while playing... I realised then that the first had burned also. Both pf the two opamps gave up on the left iv channel position... I own my asus st card more than three years and never I never have had experienced such a thing. Is ad797br out of specs for st? Have you experienced something similar?
  15. fredeb

    AD797BR is a single opamp , you need to replace the stock opamps with dual opamps that are pin for pin compatible . Study the datasheets of the stock opamps and find out what each of the 8 pins function is .

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