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The Xiaomi Pistons Thread 2.0

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  1. thatBeatsguy
    Yeah, I did long ago with some carbon fibre vinyl wrap. Looks like someone else picked up on the backplate mod. [​IMG]
    It was actually @1clearhead who told me about it some time ago, so hats off to him. And yes, the effects are as you have stated -- tighter bass, everything else goes up front.
  2. 1clearhead

    Tip-rolling is also another way. I try to buy many after-market tips so that if something like this occurs, I can swap until I get the sound signature I desire.

    Was unique about the pistons is that many people like bass-heads or those that love fine-tuned signatures can appreciate these. They provide both quality signatures to many people on a budget.
  3. HawkEye0701
    I know the thing I am going to say might be the dumbest you've read but here I go-

    I found a link to a seller on eBay selling the legit Xiaomi Pistons 2.1 with a money back guaranty. They have a 99.3 percent positive feedback grade. The video person says he bought the Pistons from there. The Pistons on Flipkart are the "Indian version" FYI OP so that you can add it to the main post.And surprisingly enough they sound a whole lot worse. So what do I do with that seller? here
  4. thatBeatsguy
    Uhh...I really don't know what to say. It probably is the dumbest thing I've read since I totally have no idea what you're talking about.
    So apparently, you're saying that this eBay seller sells legit Pistons. And what video person are we talking about here? As for Flipkart, I really can't say it is a legit seller, despite your constant pleading. Have you yourself confirmed that the Flipkart Pistons are legit? Apparently not. Unless you can confirm it is legit (by actually buying their Pistons), I cannot add it into the OP. I will add it as a TBA, but that's it. Pleading won't help.
    As for this "Indian version," I have no idea what you're supposed to be talking about. Is this a new line of questioning?
    "And surprisingly enough they sound a whole lot worse." So you're saying the version on Flipkart sounds bad? 
    I really need you to clarify what you're saying here as I really have no idea what you're talking about. As for the Flipkart seller, I'll addit as a TBA. Until you or someone else comes along and confirms it is a legit pair, I can only say it is TBA. 
  5. Badelhas

    Man, we appreciate the effort you put on your reviews and everything but you have a pretty aggressive way of answering to people. Just my opinion.
  6. thatBeatsguy
    You do have a point, but I could say that's how I go about things. I'll edit it, if you want.
    EDIT: Looking into the Flipkart seller again. Really can't say it's legit.
    I also noticed the eBay seller directly copied the product specifications from the Pistons' product page here on Head-Fi. Suspicious about this seller as well.
  7. HawkEye0701

    Nah it's all good. I get what he means, my way of defining what I wanted to say was pretty bad

    Anyways here is what I mean- I just found out about the eBay seller in this video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_65F-8pV6Q&list=UU47ymfq4wNBLlaGUOxUNP8Q
    Okay now in this video itself the reviewer or say the person in the video confirms that the Pistons from flipkart are completely different. Watch the video to know what I mean. Alright? Now the thing is I want to know that is buying stuff from eBay and a random seller safe enough because you pay through your credit card,you don't know if he is a fraud or not right? Someone told me that you are protected by eBays policy of some kind. Now you get what I mean?
  8. Shawn71

    contact the FK seller about the SQ & wait for his response about their return policy (if any).....hope you did the burn-in(most claim it improves SQ by doing so)....

    Meanwhile,buy the one from ebay and do a comparison between them.....so you will know ur FK one is really a fake and your ebay pair is a legit......if the ebay pair also sound crap :rolleyes: return it, to waive times 5 the price you paid... :D (per seller's satisfaction guarantee)
  9. Shawn71
    Request the ebay seller to send you some actual item pictures that hes selling and post it here.......
  10. HawkEye0701

    You also got confused the same way TBG did lol. I don't even own a pair of the Pistons, oh and I am a 13 y'old not given enough money to buy two pairs of "EXPENSIVE" headphones. (In India paying 1800RS / 30$ is considered quite a big amount for headphones )
  11. HawkEye0701

    Oh okay. This community is one of the best communities I've been a part of :) PROUD TO BE A HEAD-FIer.
  12. thatBeatsguy
    Watched the video. I'm kind of baffled by some of the comments he made. The Pistons have great isolation? They are below average, to be quite honest. And they're comfortable for the first hour -- contradicts some other users like @DJScope who stated that the housings are sharp (a quality that I can totally agree on). They hurt your ears before they even give you a seal. And when the reviewer tested them with the PC, he just stuck them directly into the PC's headphone jack, not even thinking about having to use an adapter to keep the mic pole from breaking the signal. 
    But criticism of the video aside, apparently the "Indian Pistons" look pretty fake, especially in the housing stem (~11:48). 
    As for the eBay protection policy, I heard of that from otehr Head-Fi'ers as well. Buying through a random seller still might not be very safe, as even though you have some protection policy that allows you to get a refund from the seller, it is still mostly up to the buyer to know whether the seller is fake or not. Of course, this is only IMO as I have never bought from eBay.
    I will continue to wait for further confirmation from other Indian buyers. Right now, I'm still torn on what to do on these two sellers.
  13. HawkEye0701
    Hmm...Don't know what to say myself. Well with an seller with 99.3% satisfaction it might be worth the gamble. And other than that he is considered to be an Top Seller.(I am not saying that the person is a product lol jk XD) I might just see what I can do about them. For now I am a tad too confused, guys just leave the topic, it's probably just wasting everyone's time. If I ever get them I'll tell you about the experience and if I get the pictures from the seller as recommended but @shawn71 then I'll post them here.
  14. Shawn71

    :rolleyes: Well you shd phrase your requirements correctly then.......I thought you are done with your budget(sony headphone) to gift your brother......

    WHAT do you want NOW?pistons for yourself? How come you have money now then?if its so expensive to a 13yr old kiddo....:D
  15. HawkEye0701
    Umm...Me,my mom,my sis contributed for it. It's hard to explain all that. You gotta stand on my place to understand that (though it's not physically possible lol)
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