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The World's First DXD Download Store

  1. bugstone
    Here we go.  DXD has begun.
  2. KT66
    With this and Meridian's announcements, it's all getting ridiculous.
    Good mastering is what's important, and that is mostly lacking at the moment.
    Hi rez version of bad masterings sound just as bad as a redbook version, are you listening HD Tracks?
    Dont see the point in all this so called DXD, DSD, Balanced cables etc. etc. Just makes convenience harder! 320KBps MP3 sound good for me. And it doesnt take too much space too!
  4. KT66
    I think lossless is worth the extra space, I freakily can hear the difference between 320 and 16/44 (its all in the cymbals for me)
    but redbook, well mastered, is absolutely fantastic. 
    I have also heard some great 24/88 24/96 but it depends on the mastering being good in the first place.
    As HD tracks won't reveal their sources many people won't bite.
    My current favourite example is the Love - Forever Changes LP - on HD Tracks 24/192 it's too loud, nasty, lack dynamics
    and is just headache material. On HDCD 16/44 CD that came out a few years back it sounds simply beautiful, much different masterings.
  5. tricka
    Amen. Changing the wrapper doesn't change what's inside. 
  6. lamode
  7. DAMX

    Totally agree !! Problem is that one can't protect himself from that  unless sites like HDTracks would offer samples from the actual recording for preview instead of ....whatever they provide now. That's why I prefer sites like www.highdeftapetransfers.com/
  8. Ike1985
    I can tell a huge difference between lossless and MP3, for example last night in an Amon Amarth song I heard birds where I had never heard them.  This happens everytime I listen to a lossless album that I'd only previously heard in MP3.  I look for 24 bit files everytime if I can find them but I generally find only 16/44's on the internets, especially when it comes to obscure metal.
    But above all else I am a stereophile with a passion toward getting better gear so I can listen to the music I love at higher quality.  I cant stand listening to music I hate, for example, I would not enjoy listening to a terrible pop song in 24/192 just to hear what 24/192 sounds like. 
  9. KT66
    Look for the best mastered release not the highest bit rate.
    Ever read stevehoffman.tv? Invaluable resource for those who want the best sound

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