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Aug 11, 2005
Before I installed it I was sure it would just be another Vista. Oh how wrong I was.

I intended to use it for testing but, aftering trying it out for a week or two, I am now planning to use it as my primary OS, replacing XP. It is not only faster than XP (quite significantly so) but it looks prettier and functions better. The new WordPad and its ability to be a mini-Word, the automagical driver updates (it downloaded all my drivers automaticall and ran at 1920x1080 out of the box), the built-in codecs for HD content... Everything about it makes doing normal everyday tasks a breeze. The whole 'Library' system is great too. Even the included wallpapers are pretty damn good! And all this from a non-final version.

I like it so much that I may consider buying the full release when it comes out.

Anyone else using this phenomonal OS?
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Originally Posted by jonathanjong /img/forum/go_quote.gif
So, it's like you have Mac OS X...

...Except for the fact that it runs more than just iTunes and Safari.
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I've been with 7 for two months.

Everything you say is correct. It's excellent...when you look at today, and tomorrow.

But when you look back...and install older software, it is buggy, twitchy and frustrating.

My experience? I had an older XP computer that was really slowing down, and put on 7. When I used it...loved it. Fast, fun, stable.

But when we all went on vacation, and I installed some 2003 - 2006 era games for my daughter...disaster. Controls wouldn't work, audio wouldn't work, clicking the icon wouldn't launch the game...ewwwww.

The computer in question is a former top-of-the-line VAIO (2004) laptop with a gorgeous dock with coax TV input, big external speakers and the whole nine yards...with 7? The dock was a brick. Wouldn't produce any audio, wouldn't recognize the TV input...despite installing every update Sony had to download. thoughts? Look forward with 7. Don't look back. Use new gear, new software. Don't expect older stuff to work at all.
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Originally Posted by HD_Dude /img/forum/go_quote.gif thoughts? Look forward with 7. Don't look back. Use new gear, new software. Don't expect older stuff to work at all.

I haven't tried really old stuff, but I plugged in a RF wireless keyboard which is about 2 years old just now and it worked right off the bat, automatically installing drivers. I also tried to use an older version of SmartDraw (smartdraw 7) which worked fine.

And just now, I attempted to play some Zork and that worked perfectly also
So some old things appear to work just fine.
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I believe today is the last day to preorder windows 7 and receive the discount. I ordered 7 Pro for $99, down from $199 which is what it's planned for after today. [edit: perhaps I should note that this is for the upgrade version. 7 Home is $49 and 7 Pro is $99]

Anyway, I'm thinking (well, hoping I guess) that most (some?) of the problems will be worked out when the final release comes out. For instance, old hardware driver issues, old software issues, etc.

There's also the Windows XP mode in 7, though I'm not sure how many of the problems that can deal with. I don't know too much about it.
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I have Win7 on my netbook, and so far it's been great. I had some initial driver woes (Nikon camera) with the Beta, but Release Candidate has solved the problem.

For issues with older software, you can change the OS compatibility mode per application--so far that's worked for me when needed.
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I got my code and made an installation disc. I'm going to get a new drive to install it to my gaming desktop. Microcenter has a deal on pre-purchase of Win7, $50 for the upgrade version, I believe.

In other news, I updated my laptop from XP to Vista. I was kinda sorta surprised at the speed increase.
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I have been using win7 as my main windows os since the beta. No problems at all the the 64bit is exceptionally snappy.
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Have been running 32 bit on my desktop and 64 bit on my laptop since release candidate was put out about 2 months ago, in both cases upgrading from Vista. Have been extremely happy. Unlike others, I have not had issues with Vista, but W7 is definitely better. expected to have some compatability issues with iPhone, etc, but everything has worked like a charm.
wuwhere - sorry I cannot answer your question about minimum ram. I tend to overbuild my PCs. I have 3 gigs ram.

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