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The usefulness of the E7?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mcgruber, Jul 19, 2012.
  1. mcgruber
    Let me get this straight.

    -You don't need a FiiO E7 when the soundcard of your pc is good enough. I guess that in a year all soundcards will be better than the soundcard in the E7.

    -The only other thing useful about the E7 is that it's portable? But all it does is amplify your mp3/4 player (You can also add a little bass). But if there's already enough volume with the Mp3/4 player alone, you don't need an E7.

    The FiiO is only useful for people that have a bad soundcard and/or need more volume with their mp3/4 players?

    I don't get why people like it so much? What's so special about it? Am I missing something?

  2. Parall3l
    The standard of onboard sound is a pretty easy to beat. The E7 would easily beat some of the junk out there. Being a lower end budget model there isn't a lot to expect from the E7, but it does bring the DAC/amp to the entry level audiophiles for a very nice performance/price ratio. Many portable player are capable of decent volume, but many will not reproduce the bass frequencies correctly due to bass frequencies needing more power.
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    It was designed back in 2008/09 mainly as a upgrade for nettop user but also works as a standalone amp so you can plug your mp3 player in. Nettop is getting out of fashion now and we have seen people swifting rapidly to good sounding smartphone as their main source for the last few years. If you can't see why E7 was popular back then and what E7 is (and isn't), then you are just missing the point - not that the points ain't there at the first place.

    Remember, FiiO's first amp is the E3, a lowly bass boost amp that is far from being good sounding by any audiophile's standard, but it is still a product aiming to do one thing (adding bass, that is), and do it well enough and cheap enough which helps shape FiiO to be what they are now. They always design their product for a goal, and until recently, those goals generally ain't audiophile oriented, but mostly consumer oriented and demand based.
  4. mcgruber
    Let's say I want to use it with my Ipod touch, will it add the 80 hours of battery life to it?

    Will any mp3/4 player and laptop in the near future benefit from the E7?

  5. ClieOS Contributor
    Why would it need to add 80hrs of battery life to your iPod Touch when it isn't designed to do so?

    Will every car driver in the near future benefit from driving a Ford model T? Does that makes model T an irrelevant part of the history? Like I say, you are missing the point. Just because you haven't found the use of a certain thing doesn't means that things has no use for everyone at any time. I'll suggest you stop asking why you don't need some things in your life and move on to some other things that you might actually have a use for.
  6. KT66
    It's the only portable DAC that seems to work with all OTG usb phones like Nokia N8 and new Samsung, its real
    plug n play box, nice to have two headphone outputs and although its very cheap to buy, it is built really well.
  7. tme110
    the e7 is a amp AND a DAC and it's portable and it sounds better than the basic sound cards I have in my computers so there's a lot there for the price.  But it has also been replaced by the e17 which is a much better and more power amp and a much better DAC with several more input/output options and still about the same size

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