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Grrr Witcher 2 hype machine

Anyway, I don't know what your problem is with the graphics of Skyrim. It looks fine to me, and I love the water and the distant mountains in the snow. Also, it runs perfectly smooth for me. Nobody needs 200 fps.

Okay, so maybe the bushes look a bit tacky, but so what? It doesn't keep me from enjoying the game. If the attention of the developers went to things other than the prettiest graphics possible, good for them! I think the gaming public today are too focused on graphics, and too quick to cry 'bad graphics' on anything and everything.

Looks pretty damn good to me.
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Oh no, are those polygons I see? So much for Game of the Year, sheesh 

Now where'd my Call of Duty game go. I've got at least a whole hour left in the campaign, money well spent.
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In the deep mountains of Skyrim, cold winds and Arrows going through the air, passing a few inch off your head. 
DT990Pro + Skyrim = FTW
This game sounds amazing.

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