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The Ultimate Vintage Technics System

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  1. Currawong Contributor
    Awesome rig. I've been tempted to do the same thing, but with vintage Luxman gear.
  2. kansei
    This system rocks, the desk is very fitting as well.
  3. cash68
    Thanks. Do you think there is a market for such a desk?
  4. paara
    I just love your room [​IMG] especially the desk...
    Looks so nice.
  5. tom hankins
  6. digger945

    Originally Posted by cash68 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Thanks. Do you think there is a market for such a desk?

    Yea, I'de buy it.
    Your rig reminds me of a rig I used to listen to after school (1982-83?) in the back of a Radio Shack, all Technics with TT, played "Who's cryin' now" by Journey 'till they run me off LOL.
    Good times.
  7. taamir
    I gotta bump it !!!
    Its awesome !
    Man, you are an inspiration...
    Hope no one will get mad about the bump from last year. lol.
  8. jeffreyj900 Contributor
    VERY nice equipment!  I like the table and green chair as well  [​IMG]
    I gotta really start looking at dates on threads....
  9. drewfus420
    Very cool set up, you just need a Technics TT now.
  10. acidbasement
    Hey guys, the OP doesn't really frequent this forum anymore, and just seeing his username causes involuntary puke-like reflexes for a lot of us who remember his glory days.  Let's let this one go, shall we?
  11. Driesdtl
    Huge Technics fan, still have my TopOTRange late 90' setup:)
  12. lalojimenez
    Cool set up! congrats! pure vintage man. I have sort of a vintage audio set up myself (still working on it) My dad passed on to me  some Technics goods (it is fair to say that i locked it away in a closet when the mp3 came along, silly me, just until now I am rescuing every part )
    When I have it ready I am gonna try to upload some pictures, but I doubt that it will look as cool as yours since i dont have a lot of space. The Panasonics look pretty cool man, without the grill (do you have to keep it on? or is it safe to have them without the grill?)
    Here are the specs:
    - Technics M56 Microprocessor Auto Scan Deck System (stereo)
    - Technics SU - Z1 Stereo Amp
    - Technics Stereo Graphic EQ SH - 8017
    - Technics SL-PD627 Multi CD Player
    - Technics SL - D3 Turntable
    - Technics SB - F2 speakers (unfortunately one of them sounds blown, have to figure out if its worth fixing or just buy a new one)
    So you say it sounds awesome, thats great.
  13. Vinyldude63
    I realize it has been several years since this post was created, was wondering if any you still are using the vintage setup and if you still love it. I recently bought a Technics sa 5770 receiver and a pair of 5000a speakers to go with my sl1200 mk2 TT. Love the sound!!.
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