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The Ultimate Vintage Technics System

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  1. cash68
    Why the hell would anyone trash something like this? It kicks the living **** out of anything you can buy at Best Buy. Anyway, plans for the future involve one of these puppies:

    Technics #10: SL-V5

    Eventually I'll get a pair of 1200s and a mixer, but I'm going to need to build more furniture for that. [​IMG]
  2. fran
    Well done!

    Really nice job on assembling the stuff and putting it all together in a coherent way.

    No doubt it will bring you much enjoyment. Its quite an education to hear some of the old stuff and just how good it is - and then read the current marketing blurb on stuff thats "new".

  3. scompton Contributor

    Originally Posted by cash68 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Quite a few. My first car was a 68 Charger back in 1997, and I installed an 8 track player in it, and started collecting them. And yeah, it's worth fixing. Working RS-858s go for about $250-300 on ebay.

    I'd heard that people like 8 tracks and pay real money even for the all in one systems from the 70s. It boggles my mind. My roommate had Deep Purple Machine Head and the tracks switched in the middle of Smoke on the Water. Truly horrible.
  4. cash68
    Most (8 tracks and players) aren't worth anything. What makes this player desirable is that it plays and records quad 8 tracks, which is the first discrete sound format from the 70s. CD4 vinyl was encoded rear channels, whereas Q8 was 4 separate channels. A lot of those early surround mixes aren't available in any other format, and if they are, they aren't as good.
  5. ricksome Contributor
  6. soundfreq
    very nice indeed! i like the way you put the bass-shakers under the sofa. very ingenious of you, and handy too, DIY-ing the table and stuff
  7. Chrispy
    Very nice. Nice clean look too.
  8. cash68
    Due to constantly getting into trouble with moderators over posting my opinion, this is my last post in these forums.

    If anyone has any questions about this system, or needs to contact me, please catch me on AIM, SN: cashsixeight, or email: wanker__@hotmail.com That's my junk email address, so be sure to put something related to Technics in the title, so I don't miss it.

    I love my system and hi-fi in generals, but these people around here get offended far to easily over my opinions, and it's either I leave, or I get banned. Peace, love, all that to the good people who use turn signals, have a good time in life, don't drive SUVs, and put cig. butts into ashtrays.
  9. PYROphonez
    This setup is absolutely gorgeous. Great work.
  10. LFF
    Very nice set up! I love vintage gear.
  11. GordonFreeman
    Ive seen alot of expensive rigs but yours make me jealous the most. Beautiful and retro, simply amazing. I love the wooden speaker grills, that really makes it.
  12. Orcin Contributor
  13. santiclaws
    To quote Keanu Reeves, "Whoa!" That's a really sweet setup. I hope you've visited Audiokarma.og and posted this. You will be a minor god there.

    I bought a '70's era Kenwood receiver which I use as my headphone amp. Spent a total of $30 for a magnificent sounding, and looking, machine. The only downside is that at 60lbs, it is not exactly portable. [​IMG]
  14. splaz
    Nice setup. I'm trying to get my own started, I'm phasing out the all in one Pioneer amp/eq/tape deck I got for free... just need an amp.

    I've got my eye on a Technics SU-V of some sort, I really like the look of the V303 but the price hasn't been right in the past.

    I've got a Hitachi HA-1800 that needs fixing but that's nothing special, that uses an old school power amp IC. To my eye it looks quite nice though, similar aluminium finish and button/knob style to the Technics but much slimmer, too bad it suffered a knock to the front corner. [​IMG]

    Problem is some Technics stuff and the likes of Sansui and Yamaha etc. now fetch pretty high prices on ebay. Although to be honest most people seem to think the stuff is worthless, I cringed a little when I saw a nice looking amp and receiver combo sitting haphazardly on the floor of an auto workshop... [​IMG]
  15. ingwe
    Very respectable vintage system. [​IMG]

    If you haven't, check out audiokarma.org. [​IMG]
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