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The ultimate headphone amp? A monster SET.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by astrostar59, Dec 2, 2018.
  1. astrostar59
    I have ordered this Aries Cerat SET integrated amplifier called the Genus for my speaker system, and currently run the Violectric V281 headphone amp to my LCD4s. BUT the Genus also has a true headphone output from the output stage with both high and low impedance setting.

    The best sound on any headphone I have heard to date is from the Malvalve headphone amplifier, which was a 22 tube monster with both normal and electrostatic output. On the 009s and the LCD4s that amp was a revelation, smoothness and timbre to die for, with incredible bass power and dynamics. The midrange was heavenly. But the Malvalve is insanely complex, too many tubes and gave out as much heat as a space heater. It was also 14K euros.

    Well, I can confirm right here, the Aries Cerat is a match to the Malvalve. But it is much simpler with 2 gains stages with the Seimens E280F and the big bottle RCA 813 power tubes. The amplifier arrives in around 4 weeks, and I will put up a dedicated headphone review on it using the LCD4s.

    If anyone is in Spain and wants to hear it, PM me, you are most welcome.

    For now here's some photos of it:

    Aries_Cerat_Genus_11.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_15.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_14.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_13.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_10.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_12.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_08.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_07.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_06.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_09.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_03.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_05.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_04.jpg Aries_Cerat_Genus_02.jpg
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  2. Thenewguy007
    This amp looks a little bit more expensive than the V281.
  3. astrostar59
    It is 15K euros. So about the same as the Malvalve but is a much better designed amplifier than that amp. The sound is heavenly. The Genus is a true 25 watt class A SET with serious power and drive, unlike many SET amps I have heard. The headphone output is a nice feature. So IMO it is a great amp for someone who also uses good quality speakers as well.

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