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Discussion in 'Music' started by bclark8923, Jul 23, 2018.
  1. bclark8923
    Wanted to start a place where those of us like to listen to trippy music especially with cool visuals for music videos let’s share some of our favorites and take a trip together :)

    To start:

    Flying Lotus - Zodiac S***

    STS9 - Phoneme

    Blanck Mass - Please

    You can find my running playlist of this kind of music on Tidal :) But i'll post some of the cooler music with videos on here myself, feel free to post video or not though!
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  4. taffy2207
    I humbly believe that this meets with said Criteria. Floating Elephants > ALL. I was going to get one for the Lounge, but, in the end I went for a Lava Lamp :disappointed:

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  6. Sound~Patriot
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  11. bclark8923
    Super trippy, great work man
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  13. bclark8923
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