The Transparent power cable apreciation thread
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Headphoneus Supremus
May 25, 2008
The silence is deafening. So let it be known that we have at least 1 Transparent user, albeit with an old version.

Around 10 years ago, I was a complete power cable skeptic and used only stock cables, but I tried on loan the Transparent Basic (entry level) power cable out of curiosity. After a few minutes listening, I immediately returned the cable back to my dealer – so that I could replace it with the next model up!

If the base model could give so much improvement, I wanted more! The next level “Plus” has stayed with me to date. In the last year, I briefly tried one or two highly regarded alternative makes (e.g. MIT, Siltech, in the next price level up), but to me they didn’t give any significant improvement.

I’d like to try one of the current Transparent models, one or two levels up. Transparent seems to have a great part exchange policy whereby you get a high percentage back on your old cable if upgrading to new model. But when I checked with my UK dealer recently, the deal didn’t seem anything special, so I’ve gone cold on the idea. Has anyone had experience of trading up like this, and how different the new versions are to the old?

From a different perspective, my impression is that Transparent are much less promoted and reviewed then they used to be. Are they less competitive now? Maybe it’s because there are now millions of cable companies – very confusing.

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