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  1. acygni
    I have actually been anticipating the fiio btr5 for a while. Too bad it got delayed month after month. I am actually satisfied with the S8F currently at it's best performance on my PC and I expect it to only get even better with the btr5 in balanced mode.
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  2. Slater
    Other options to consider would be the Radsone ES100 and the upcoming Qudelix 5k.

    And if you don’t have to have Bluetooth, I’ve heard good things about the Audirect Beam (although I have never tried it myself). It seems pretty versatile, and comes with multiple interface cables.
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  3. zazaboy
    @thejoker13 lz a6 and tfz ltd toneking t88k comparison please .. I would be gratefull lol
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  4. acygni
    Thanks. I do need wireless since i need it to work with my pc at distance. The es100 is getting older but the 5k looks interesting but doesn't look like it's getting released soon or has some big advantage. Hopefully the btr5 is finally getting realease the up coming month as the last delay told us. The shanling up4 is also alternative but it literally has the exact same specs as the btr5.
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  5. baskingshark
    Hi I don't have the Moondrop KXXS, but I have the ZS10 Pro, TFZ No. 3 and the MH755.

    KZ ZS10 Pro is very good for the price, good separation, details, clarity. A small bugbear of mine is the artificial timbre of the treble as u say, it is due to the drivers (?bellsings BAs) that they use in it. Burn in won't fix the timbre unfortunately, I have almost 500 hours on the ZS10 Pro already. I know some people ain't too particular about timbre and it is only apparent if u use it for acoustic instrument predominant songs like jazz, orchestral, bigband. With pop and EDM and rock, I'm very happy with it. I saw from early reviews that the new KZ Terminator (ZSX) fixes this timbre issue but I don't have it to confirm.

    The toneking 9T is a different beast than the ZS10 Pro actually. Since it is just a single DD, it won't have as good clarity, separation and details (but I still think it is not too bad in these areas compared to other pure DD IEMs). But its timbre is the best part about the 9T. And of course it is customizable.

    The TFZ No. 3 is actually a one trick pony IMHO. It excels at bass (quality and quantity) but unless your music selection requires a lot of bass, u might not appreciate it if it is used for stuff like classical music. With both bass filters on the 9T and a good source, I think the 9T can almost hit the bass as hard as the No. 3. But No. 3 still wins in the bass timbre and quantity though, and I keep it around for EDM and rock genres. I got my TFZ No. 3 prior to the 9T and now actually if I could keep only one, it would be the 9T.

    MH755 is excellent for the price. The timbre and harman tuning is wicked (assuming your set is legit). I still listen to it occasionally despite having other expensive IEMs around.
  6. thejoker13
    That will definitely come at some point soon friend. I'm not going to rush impressions of the A6 yet though, until I get a chance to really get them dialed in for my preference. The loud button and 9 different filters are going to take a bit to get sorted.
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  7. durwood
    Yeah I would be curious about this, i am currently in on the drop for the JVC and have the 9T. I wonder if anyone else has both a modded FD01 or has heard the FDX1 and also the 9T. The signature of the 9T comes close given the graphs I have seen, but that is only a small window into the similarities. Not sure which of the many threads it should be asked in given that this is a new thread string. I know we can't compare two different measurement rigs like this but the similarity is close you cannot help but wonder.
    @crabdog review of 9T:

    @crinnacle measurment
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  8. baskingshark

    +1 to this.

    I think @Slater asked in the JVC FDX01 forum whether anyone has both 9T and FDX01 but I think nobody has both currently to compare.

    It looks from the FR and early reviews that the bass is a bit lacking on the FDX 01 though. But maybe mids are less recessed on the FDX01 than the 9T.

    I bought in the drop at first but decided to pull out yesterday to think about it more. I think the FDX01 might turn out to be a more refined version of the 9T, but @ $250 it is a bit painful to the wallet.
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  9. durwood
    Sort of where I am sitting right now, there have been several IEM's I have contemplated at this price level and have yet to give it the green light until now, and it wasn't even on my radar until recently. Trying real hard to go from maximizer to a satisfier, but this "hobby" is a terrible place for all of us enablers.
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  10. baskingshark
    Haha this audiophile hobby is a chase down a never ending rabbit hole. Of course how we wanna spend our money is subjective but I have too many IEMs already LOL. But one IEM I can say I never regretted purchasing was the 9T.

    I've been thinking very hard about the HA FDX01 the past few days and I think at this point in time it is more a "want" than a "need". And since we already have the 9T at about 3x cheaper, I'm not too keen to cough up the extra cash for a marginal improvement. From Otto's graph and initial impressions it seems the BLON BL-03 that is @ $28ish USD is not too far off from the HA FDX01 too!
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  11. micr0be
    Thanks for the explanation! I'm wondering what is your configuration of the 9T for most balanced/pleasing sound (your daily), and what do you change it to when listening to specific genres and why?
    Actually whoever has the ToneKing 9T please feel free to post your configuration, I'm interested to see what do people like.
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  12. thejoker13
    I was just looking at the Toneking P10 and they indeed look very interesting. The BL1 has a 14mm planar driver and the new P10 has a 10mm planar driver, but the cost is nearly 300 so almost double what the BL1 cost. I'd love to read impressions of the P10 if anyone picks a pair up!
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  13. baskingshark
    Yeah I'm sure the others can give their input about 9T as I'm a part time basshead LOL, so I'm not the best gauge to compare with.

    I only use stock cable and stock tips.
    Generally I use one red (Bass filter) + one silver (Default V shaped tuning filter). I usually listen to jazz/acoustic songs so I require a bit of thicker bass body for the double bass in jazz. With both red filters on I find there is a mid bass bleed with some muddiness and the soundstage decreases a bit. I'm not a fan of neutralish tunings personally, so I hardly use the blue filters. I'll pop out both silver filters (V shaped tuning) for pop and rock genres.
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  14. thejoker13
    Silver/silver filters for me, with an aftermarket 8 core silver played copper cable, and with spiral dot tips. Sometimes I switch to the red back filters with the silver fronts.
  15. larry piencenaves
    Hey guys new to this thread, Currently owning 3 toneking products (Unicorn, 9way and shockwave iii), just recently finished burning in the sw iii, took me 300+ hrs like most people say, and the change is very audible, it loses the treble harshness and gives a more smoother overall presentation, it rekts my 9way in almost all aspects now and its sad :frowning2:

    But im curious also in the t88k, is there anyone here who had the chance to compare the sw iii and t88k?

    btw: those new Toneking v10 looks promising
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