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  1. Ziggomatic
    Got the 1Q today. Sorry to say I'm disappointed. I wasn't enamored with the sound out fo the box, so, after a ton of tip-rolling, I decided to try a different cable and couldn't get the second (MMCX) cable or the orignal cable to connect with the right earpiece. Just won't connect. Never had that happen before. The connection on the left earpiece was iffy as well - it seems like it connects but there was no snap into place. Bummed!

    For what it's worth, the sound was okay. The extension was good end-to-end, there was good clarity and detail, attack & decay had a good feel to it, and the stereo image was fine. There was some serious harshness to my ears in the upper-mids & treble, though. Rock music at my normal (loud) listening level was not pleasant, but sounded decent at lower volumes.These are observations from 90 minutes of listening with no other burn in, so grain of salt.
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  2. baskingshark
    Thanks for your impressions. I was quite close to pulling the trigger for it on 11/11, but ultimately decided to get the BLON Cardinal over this.

    What's the sound signature of the 1Q? Netural or V shaped or harmanish?
  3. mbwilson111
    I have had that happen. I don't really like MMCX... it seems too fragile. I prefer 2 pin or even a non removable cable if it is a decent one.
  4. Ziggomatic
    I guess I'd say harmanish with a bit of extra zing up top.
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  5. baskingshark
    Tis a pity, I'll probably give it a miss as I'm quite sensitive to bright/harsh upper mids/treble.
  6. Lohb
    Anyone sponge damp the 3 small port on Toneking BL1 ? What was the purpose/effect ? I've already damped the nozzle and put the grill back on...seemed to tame treble and appear to elevate bass/mids (but that may just be due to louder volume tolerance)....microdetail also down a slight notch...I really like the layering with the BL1...but it seems to go off to side of head...vs all around...unusual...
    Just wonder if it will be OTT to damp the 3 top ports as well.

    Seller of my BL1 said the new Toneking P10 has more elevated bass than BL1 in stock form...have to dig for more impressions on T10 10mm planar IEM..

    EDIT : I think I'll be an on-going TK planar IEM buyer...I dig these puppies a LOT...more detail extraction than M1060C planar cans.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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  7. Lohb
    Just mentioned in discovery thread that ToneKing P10 is confirmed as a planar magnet unit (by seller), as the description was not too clear in the advert and there was some talk over there it might have been a new hybrid technology.
  8. arielext
    is the TH12 a real Toneking? Found 1 seller on Ali that offers this 12BA IEM.
    link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33003263430.html
    I'm loving my T88K's and won't part with them soon, I'm just wondering how "real" these are, does anyone know?
  9. Lohb
    I don't think you'd find a fake TK on aliX, Toneking would soon report it.
  10. Lohb
    Really top notch treble on B1 planar IEMs....the B1 IEMs in general are so fast and clean..using it with E1DA 9038S DAC/Amp in Performance Mode 2.
    Bang for buck keeps getting better and better on ChiFi stuff.
    The way the volume ramps on them is different without the treble going right out of proportion like hybrids seem to do...the entire spectrum seems to fill out vs becoming like an arrow in the head...though I have damped them in the nozzles with sponge from the packaging interior, it may be a combo of the planar tech and damping.

    Wish I picked up P10 planar in recent sales to A|B against B1..... B1 not really getting the exposure it deserved. Some may not like the bass as being too neutral/linear though. P10 would answer that bass craving need.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
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  11. baskingshark
    This is the P10's FR from the AE sellers:

    Looks quite neutralish but maybe bass north of neutral. I've never owned a planar but I think most of them need amping?

    Anyway one of the AE shops (AVCKCK) seems to be selling the P10 at $145 now. Most other shops are still selling it at $199 and above. But I've never bought from that shop before, so anyone wanna take a punt on it haha?
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  12. Lohb
    Yes, it's a case of "you go first" with this one...P10
    And yes, generally they need the juice much more than 1/2/3BA hybrids etc...it's more the headroom for very short power draws for sub-bass and complex passages so it does not go flabby/muddy....just loving that speed and cleanliness though that will be the DAC as well as it's a little neutrality + power monster...(the V2 DAC/amp in my signature has a V3 coming with hardware volume buttons. I'd hold off for next version, current one has various small niggles that will be worked out..great DF Cobalt alternative though, as it is based on price)
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
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  13. crabdog
    I haven't been keeping up with the TFZ stuff but not sure what this B1 is that you're talking about. I have the TFZ Balance 7 and they sound pretty amazing but the left side keeps dying on me and the ergonomics factor is -100.
  14. Lohb
    It's the Toneking planar magnetic IEM.
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  15. muths66
    Anyone have p10?
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