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The Stax thread (New)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by carl, Feb 17, 2007.
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  1. grawk
    Meet impressions generally follow consensus, because its really hard to listen critically ate meet, and most people follow the herd.
  2. DefQon
    HD600/650/580's are not fatiguing at all. At least for me that is.
    It could be due to the way my SR-5 are amplified atm. Never heard the SR-5 through the original SRD-6 energizers onto an integrated amplifier. 
    I can see where you're going with this. Googled it and seems there has been numerous revisions to the circuitry since it's release back in the near mid 90's, mixed reviews for the earlier models, background hum/no internal ground problems, pretty messy and cramped p2p build (looks like Mikhail's ES-1 rats-nest you fixed up from afrikane), multiple versions that take either 6SN/L7 driver tubes, headphone out performance is mediocre, works only great with extremely high efficient speakers, extremely poor measurements.  Later revisions supposedly pretty good sounding.
    Kind of not surprised since there is a lot of expensive crap out there in the market. [​IMG]
  3. telecaster
    It's not only in meets but just about everywhere. They are called the Passives. They are the big majority of the crowd. They are kind of bad being slightly unproductive. But the Zelotes are as much as bad, being overly followers too.
  4. EveTan
    The only Stax setup that stood out in meet settings was the 009 with BHSE. Cavalli Audio was showcasing another one... forgot what it was called. But it sounded good too. 
    Everything else kinda got blended into the "it sounds the same in this environment" category. 
    Needless to say, I want a SR-009. Experienced a slice of sublime  today :).
  5. Chris J

    The Zealots.............save us from the argumentative, opinionated, thread killing, pushy zealots...........please!:mad:
  6. telecaster
    They're not, the zealots are those who blindly follow their leader. You say white, they say white without even thinking. They are like the passive in that they are stupidly following, but then they are over positive about their leader.
    There are other camps as well, they are the opponents, the concertatives, the hésitants or the revolted, we don't have the same books.
  7. DefQon
    You mean audiophools or those subjectively biased to a degree of not even being funny
    "Oh I replaced 1cm of wiring between points A and B in the circuit, it is night and day differently better now, I can hear better staging and timbre of musical pieces"
    "Oh I think everyone who is getting into electrostatic headphones should burn it in at least 2000 hours"
    "Oh a new headphone just came out and it is the newest and most expensive, it is automatically the best headphone because newer is better"
    "Oh look this amplifier provides X amount of currents into X amount of ohms with less than X amount of THD distortion, it is automatically the best amplifier because moar is better"
    "Oh these headphones are so good (10 minute audition) I can hear so much detail, I swear I just heard the pianist in the piece fart and a mosquito flew by".
    "Oh I need 10 pairs of headphones so I can show off how much of an elite I am on head-fi post your setup thread because it's uuber cool (in reality only listens to 1 headphone)".
  8. tdogzthmn
    Does it count if you hear yourself fart while listening to open cans?  
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  9. miceblue
    Who's the person collecting STAX headphones again? :wink:
  10. DefQon
    No. lol
    I only have 2 Stax headphones now. The SR-5 and Gamma Pro, sold the rest. Even when I did have it, I listened to all of them.
  11. DairyProduce
    To be fair I'd be pretty impressed as well, if I could hear a mosquito fly by in the recording [​IMG]
  12. Tus-Chan
    I got screwed by eBay on the Lambda Sig that was up for sale. Bid $375 but the system didn't take it for whatever reason, and it sold for $370.
  13. DefQon
    Rick rolled.
  14. jjinh
    Since when does kuboten sell stuff on ebay?
    Anyway I dont think it would have been going up by lots of $10 at that price... did you try to bid when there was only 1 second left? If so that might be your problem
  15. DefQon
    That PP amp that his selling would've been mine if he hadn't messed up the best offer entry into the system for my 323S, he said that he will start off-loading unwanted stuff on ebay soon. Guess that soon turned out 1 month later.
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