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The Stax thread (New)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by carl, Feb 17, 2007.
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  1. Chris J
    Optimus Prime and friends.
  2. arnaud Contributor
    And that's where I'd like to know if a wee was used because, as little as I understand, you'd be using two transformers in a row that do the opposite (the one in the carry to drive low impedance resistive load and the one in the wee to drive high impedance capacitive load).

    Seems like less than ideal combination from a purist point of view but then, people's impressions were utterly positive...
  3. DefQon
  4. miceblue
    So many random and ridiculous names and acronyms in this thread.
    I need a High Voltage Blue Wee Hawaii Kevin Gilmore Solid State Electrostatic Amplifier (read: HVBWHKGSSEA) to go with my cryo-treated O[bjective]2 Gamma SR-Lambda Nova Signature Pro Basic Limited Edition MKI earspeaker (read: O2G SR-LNSPBLE). That amp or the SRMKS-007127 MKV energiser.
    So confusing...
    I want to read some impressions of the new Rho earspeaker that STAX announced 2 weeks ago.
  5. DefQon
    It would be funny if those generated names end up being actual models from Stax in the future.
  6. gefski

    A power transformer for the amplifier, and left and right output transformer for each channel (between the output tubes and the left and right loudspeakers). Usually you choose speaker taps for low (4ohm) or high (8 ohm) nominal impedance speakers.
  7. eric65
    Hi Arnaud,
    That is why it should be preferred in this case an amplifier OTL (ie without output transformer) such as the Audiovalve RKV mk2 with Wee (using an adapter jack of the amplifier OTL -> input of HP Wee )
    The results are also listening to (subjectively) very good on the Stax SR 009. An original but rather surprising choice to listen.

  8. milosz
    Stax  Rho earspeakers????  Say what?  Tell us more...
  9. DairyProduce
    I can't find anything on google about Stax Rho's...care to post a link? 
  10. grawk
    He was kidding.
  11. Chris J
    I have decided to create an Entry Level Stax thread in the Full Sized Headphones Forum.
    Remember your first pair of Stax?
    Remember the first time you heard a pair of Stax?
    Or any other electrostatic or electret headphones?
    Oh, yeah!
    My sincere hope with this new thread is that anyone who may be interested in upgrading from their mid level dynamics may decided to explore the Stax route as an alternative to upgrading from Beyer DT880 to Beyer T1, or upgrading from Grado SR-225i to RS-1i, etc. etc.
    While I do find this thread to be extremely useful, I find that SRS-2170, SRS-2020, etc discussions often get buried in the "I own Stax and want to upgrade the better Stax" discussions. I have no isssue with that, after all, this is the Summit-Fi Forum.
    My intentions with the thread linked below is to try and get more Head Fi-ers to get into the world of Stax.
    Personally, I was split between getting a better pair of dynamics or an SRS-2170 system. Obviously I went the Stax route and oh, man!
    Am I ever glad I decided to go the Stax route! [​IMG]
    In hindsight, a pair of HD-700 or RS-1i (for example) just wouldn't have cut it.
    Here's the link below if anyone wants to participate:
    Chris J
  12. DefQon
    I don't want more people getting into Stax because it will mean that I have to compete against more bidders on unobtainable Lambda's or other models. 
  13. Chris J
    You want to sentence them to a life of pain and suffering (and distorted peaky treble):​
    listening to dynamic headphones?​
  14. 3X0
    Haha, I was listening to some dynamics last night for giggles and I noticed the onset of listening fatigue in a matter of minutes. I never get listening fatigue with my electrostats, even when I crank them louder..
  15. DefQon
    There are a handful bunch of dynamic headphones (when well powered) sound just as good or better than the basic Stax stuff.
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