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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. astrostar59

    I know what you mean. I use some EQ on the 007s to light the treble a bit. The only trouble is, digital EQ does resample the bits, so some loss of speed and soundstage wish seems to occur. DMQ EQuick is as transparent as any EQ I have tried so far. Built in EQ's in players tend to be a bit crude.
    I would still say try some NOS Mullards if you get chance. It isn't just the treble quality, the midrange realism and presence on  the real deal Mullards is special, what they are famous for. And IMO avoid any EQ keeps things transparent / intact.
  2. Whitigir
    Is there any purple glowing el34 ? :D Mesa look good...when and if I got my GG going lol
  3. ericj
    Over on DIYAudio there are some who argue that some of the "reissue" tubes are substantially different from the standard tubes produced by the same factories. That some amount of work seems to have actually gone into making them like the old tube. 
    Don't have a clue, myself. I'm pretty sure that there's no such thing as a "new" mullard, or tung-sol, or etc. 
  4. Sko0byDoo

    No mercury/purle-glowing for el34. However, you can have a purple-glowing rectifiers. Just replace the power supply ss diodes with mercury rectifiers :) If wanting a tube galore, do a full-tube PS voltage regulation :)
  5. Whitigir

    Megatron would be a tube galore :D
  6. Sko0byDoo
    Double-up as a room heater [​IMG]  Have fun in your build!
  7. VandyMan

    We will have to just agree to disagree on digital EQ. As far as tube rolling the BHSE, I'm probably missing out, but I can't let myself go down that rabbit hole. When I get home from work, I just want to flip on the amp and listen to music. No offense to those who enjoy comparing tubes and such; it is just not for me.
  8. deuter

    I'am the same as you, I agree with Justin that the amp is designed as such that output stage being valve is not impacted by variation in the tubes.
    I do like to test a few tubes, and have done so with my Lampizator where tube changes made massive difference to an extent where the DAC changed quite significantly. But once settled in a set of tubes , that was it.

    The price vs performance even by nth degree for changing the EL84's doesn't stack up for the BHSE and I would not recommend it.
  9. aldavey
    Oh you don't actually own the BHSE. May I respectfully ask on what you are basing your opinion of NOS tubes in the BHSE? I would have thought extended listening periods would be required to hear differences in tubes for the BHSE. In other words at home in a quiet environment.
  10. astrostar59

    Indeed, I had 3 separate day sessions with the BHSE at a buddies house on his Esoteric K-01 and Stax 009s. The first session was with Mullard re-issues. Then some time later another day session comparing PS Vanes to re-issue Mullards, then the last session some time later with NOS Mullard XF-1s I think, or XF-3s. Clearly to me the NOS Mullards sounded much better than the PS-Vanes, and a lot bette than the re-issues. They were a bit warmer which heading towards a more neutral sound to me, nicer midrange and more texture and realism. Just more of everything that is good TBH. The re-issues sounded a bit brittle and very cold, more 'hi-fi' sounding. It isn't just about 'warmer' in tubes, it is also about texture and timbre, basically the whole sound changes with different tube types, so not EQ so to speak, more character changes.
    I love the BHSE and ordered it twice then cancelled. It was because of my lifestyle rather than the sound. I have the Carbon as for me, it fits in with how my day works (walking the dogs 3 times a day etc) and I like to jump on the music at any time. I couldn't realistically with the BHSE turn it on and off 3 times a days. I do mange to tube roll my DAC (I leave my DAC on 24/7 as small pre-amp tubes) which is more or less a similar effect to tube rolling the BHSE, it allows me to 'tune' the system to what sounds most natural to me. 
    Anyway, that is my findings. I understand others will disagree, no problem. I hope some may try tube rolling though, as to me it took a really great amp and became something extra special.
    I actually bought some Holland XF-4s 1960's ready for the amp to arrive but have since sold them. Those tubes are supposed to be very similar to the NOS Mullards and equal in SQ.
    Hope this helps.
  11. Whitigir

    Not sure I found I will build it and when, but I am going to do the tubes carbon or grounded grid :).

    Are you saying turning it on/off will hurt the amp or the headphones ?why can't you do on/off with BHSE ?
  12. hpeter
    Xe is nice purple; Hg is blue :wink:
    ck1006 Ar mix

    Had anybody here tried JJ ? Personally i´m not seeing problems with 2a3, they bias same as Sovteks. Kinda affordable options (compared to EML, 600€ /pair...)
  13. aldavey
    Thanks for that clarification of the basis of your comparison over what appears from your answer several listenings with days between. I maybe tin ears but days between comparisons! I wish I had your memory!
  14. David1961

    They were/are NOS Mullard xf4's that I got from WatfordValves which apparently are still available there. I also no longer have the K-01 but now use a Schiit Yggy, and that DAC is without doubt the best money I've spent on audio gear.
    Everything Julian has said about the NOS Mullard's I use I agree with, although he must've forgot I have xf4's.
    Now I still have that quad of Mullard re-issues and Psvane EL34PH's, but won't be using them again unless I decide to get a pair of SR-007's.
    astrostar59 likes this.
  15. aldavey
    Thanks for your insight into tube rolling the BHSE. I really like the idea of the BHSE, especially when taking aesthetics into account which is really important to me. However, I do not want to get into tube rolling so maybe a Carbon is the right way for me to go. Who makes the best Carbon from a build quality point of view and can anyone share a comparison between the Carbon and BHSE? Apologies if this has already been covered previously.
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