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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. hpeter
    After reading this thread i got a feeling, people use Stax with SS or hybrid amps. No real iron stuff
  2. Whitigir

    What ? There is Iron class amplifier ?
  3. astrostar59

    When I had the SRM-717 and my 007 MK2s I used an Audio Note M3 tube pre-amplifier (£4.5K amp) and it added more weight and body to the sound. But ultimately I sold the pre-amplifier and moved onto the KGSShv, and felt I didn't need a pre-amp anymore. 
    It would in effect add some bloom, some weight, but probably slow things down and reduce transparency no matter how good the pre-amplifier. The Stax amps only need a 2V feed, no big deal to drive to their limits. Unlike some power amps driven directly that need more power and lower output impedance.
    My advice, if you are after more warmth or just 'more' get a KGSShv or a KGST if you want tubes. My KGSShv was very tubey in a good way, i.e. bit warm but dynamic as well.
  4. Whitigir
    I have no problem getting that warmth and tonality that I desire out of my Carbon and only at 16.5mA. That is with all silver wires everywhere. It falls inline what what KG stated completely
  5. Pale Rider Contributor
    Granted, "hybrid" is a broad term. [​IMG]
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  6. joseph69
    Very nice!
    I don't recall seeing this on the Mjolnir site?
    What amp is that?
  7. Pale Rider Contributor

    It's the Megatron. Wasn't on the site for long. [​IMG]
  8. joseph69
    Would love to hear that…I'll send you my address. [​IMG]
    That really is gorgeous!
  9. Ampeezy
    Is that like a souped up T2?
  10. JimL11

    Totally different designs.  The Stax T2 is a souped up SRX (http://www.bonavolta.ch/hobby/en/audio/hdgsta.htm) with the coupling capacitors replaced by a whole bunch of transistors to allow all DC coupling from input to output.  It uses 6DJ8 tubes instead of 12AT7s in the cascoded input stage and EL34 output tubes with solid state constant current loads instead of 6FQ7 outputs with plate resistors.
    The Megatron is a mostly tube amplifier with some solid state constant current sources, and 4 EL34 output tubes per side, with half of the EL34s acting as current loads.  The current source EL34s are wired up very similarly to the output tube EL34s so the output stage is self-balancing.
    Both will do a good job of heating your listening room. [​IMG]
  11. Pale Rider Contributor
    Indeed. As Jim notes, completely different from the T2. 
  12. astrostar59

    Love it. And with all those tubes that would normally grace a 40W monoblock amplifier for big speakers, we are actually driving headphones! I would love to hear one some day...
  13. Quixote79

    Is not srx your amp?  how can stax soup up your amplifier and call it 2T?
  14. paradoxper
    SMH. There is no hope for you.
    mulveling likes this.
  15. Ampeezy
    Ah i see, I wonder how much it retailed for...
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