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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. Ampeezy
    Also mahaps you want to invest in a power conditioner?
  2. Pokemonn
    yes I'm using PS audio power plant P3, but it doesn't cut it perfectly..maybe i need a isolation transformer?
  3. vapman
    I use a nice Furman in my recording studio and on my PC i do a lot of listening from. Worth it.
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  4. Ampeezy

    ​That is really decent, can't believe its not up to snuff. An isolation transformer is going to set you back a pretty penny though, but that is up to you. I use a measly Monoprice 15A power conditioner mostly for surge protection, although it also rejects seom EMI/RFI.
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  5. vapman
    It probably works well but I can imagine it's not perfect. I have owned PS Audio conditioners and their fancy AC cables stuff in the past any I eventually got rid of it all because anything that was plugged into it would end up having bad caps a few months later. Now I just use Furman and plain old normal AC cables and everything sounds great, is protected and not mysteriously developing bad caps...
  6. Pokemonn
    maybe my area is very polluted electoricaly. There is no factory at all. there is a only huge hospital near my house.(5min. by walk)
    i will try Furman and an isolation transformer. Thank you very much for your advices!
  7. Ali-Pacha
    Just to say, Lambda NB out of BHSE are a real treat [​IMG]
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  8. Ampeezy

    ​sorry, i'm not too familiar with the lambda line. What does the NB stand for?
  9. Ali-Pacha
    Normal bias, very first one from 1979..and one of the best [​IMG]
  10. deuter

    So lambda for bhse ? You need the sr007 or 009
  11. Ali-Pacha
    You may also dig my posts, dude. Like this one : http://www.head-fi.org/t/212768/pics-of-headphones-rules-one-pic-no-words/4410#post_11628523

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  12. Ampeezy
  13. mulveling Contributor
    Don't knock the Lambdas, dude. I love the L700 out of my BHSE, and would've bought Purk's Lambda Pro if he'd sell it. Haven't heard the Lambda NB but I trust it's awesome too.
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  14. bearFNF Contributor
    Yep, I'm very pleased with the NB socket from my BHSE to my Lambda NB. Glad I asked for it. Gives the LNB new life.:grin:
  15. mulveling Contributor
    Yep, wish mine had a NB 2nd socket rather than this useless he90 socket, lol! That's 2nd-hand BHSE life for you, though.
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