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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. Whitigir
    Stax has ruined me....everything else suddenly sound boring......Am I the only one ? It has come down to the point that Being Stationary, it better be Stax....otherwise, Portability is better.
  2. Tinkerer
    Pretty much. I enjoy some of my old orthos and stuff but nothing beats stax. Though the DIY part is a good part of the fun for me.
  3. Ampeezy

    ​I can imagine, man I gotta learn! everyone starts somewhere lol
  4. frususx
  5. astrostar59

    I think kit is the speed and extra micro detail without desertion or artefacts that make the Stax 'sound' It is so leaner and fast. I guess it is a Sax sound in a way a stew HPs I have years so far achieve that 100% though there are a lot more serious contenders right now.
    But the level of detail and the 'plankton' and decay you can hear is a shock for some, and maybe why it is not for everyone. With the 007As it is more armchairs cosy, relax into it. I wonder what the rumours SR-011 will bring? Maybe a bot more warmth and body in the midrange? That may attract a wider audience and align more with the reported HE-1 sound according to those who have heard the HE-1 and also own the 009s.
    I will get to hear it myself this summer, hope I get at least 15 minutes!
    Amps and HPs aside, the DAC and how you feed it as really important at this level of transparency, and to max out the 009s potential IMO.
  6. astrostar59

    Respect top your system but I was thinking, it may be a reaction to your DAC source. The Carbon and 009 combo is very excitable and sensitive to any treble glaze in digital.
    What software do you use on the Sony? If USB is for me, super sensitive to noise. If you can get access to a different DAC to could check it out see if there was a smoother treble presentation that would then allow you to up to 18ma. I think the soundstage also widens a bit on 18ma?
    Hope this helps.
  7. Ampeezy
    I tried to have him try out a different input, but @Whitigir was adamant about his Walkman. Granted his Walkman is quite interesting :wink:
  8. Whitigir
    I was only feeding it with WM1Z Walkman. It is in no way comparable to dedicated DAC, but it is on the side of smoother and warmer, and even so the 18mA were still brittle, especially the tonality overall became thin and artificial VS 16-17mA. That was why I settled for 16.5mA in the between. So I made the decision based on the tonality body overall. Soundstage are similar in all instances IMO. Perhap it is the thinner tonality overall that brings the brighter signatures to create an illusion of larger soundstage, or that is just me, but I prefer warmer and thicker/smoother signatures
  9. astrostar59

    Can you gain access to a speaker setup? I would A/B the Sony v a decent full size DAC to check out the balance. Do you defeat all EQ and post processing? Micro player can be a great spund nowadays, but I think the chips and power supplies in that tiny space, as other micro players I had triied my be giving you a treble wanted slightly courser sound?
    A warmer signature can be had with an R-2R in particular. Good candidates maybe the Yggy or Holo Spring DAC, both under 2.5K. I would recommend the AMR DP-777. Used they can be had for under 2K and being R-2R and tube output work great on my Carbon and 009s.
    Hope this helps, and feel free to ignore, it is your system. Only trying to help. Good luck. 
  10. aldavey
    So I just ordered my BHSE in blue of course. I have a SRM-007tA 100v available for a good home in about six weeks, nominal charge + shipping.
    If this not an appropriate post I apologise in advance.
    Please Pm if of interest.
  11. Whitigir
    As you saw my earlier posts, my DAC now is the LKS dual Es9038Pro. Yes, it is not expensive or brand name stuff, but internally is of good quality

    Class A discrete output stage, true balanced circuitry, multiple powersupply regulators, silver-mica Capacitors, Jansen Capacitors, dual transformer with UPOCC wire as one per each channel, and es9038Pro is the newest flagship chip from ESS Sabres. It is currently able to net in 140Db Dynamic range per channel. You can read more into this DAC.

    I stray away from R2R is that it quality is very susceptible to components quality and tolerances. Hell, theoretically each Resistors better be handpicked and hand matched individually, and what R2R DAC out there exactly do satisfy this category ? Going with a good design on DAC chip and high quality discrete components are a safer bet to me.

    I would honestly dislike the tonal body to be any thinner or brighter than what it is now. So that is to say, I am very happy with 16.5mA period. Ofcourse my Walkman is in no way competing to a proper desktop DAC, but Tonal-body is what I am talking about, leave soundstage and details retrieval aside. There were perceivable changes in tonal-body from the same Source (my Walkman), then it should be constantly applicable toward any other DAC pieces. This is out of my 009

    Who knows ? Maybe when there is a good design for R2R DAC DIY project, I would do it :) . I would trust my own measurements, handpicked, and matching quality of each components than anyone else lol

  12. Whitigir

    Welcome to the next ballgame for your Stax :) . I am sure you will be very very happy.

    I just had to tinker with it again....cranked to 17.5mA :D. Yes, brighter, thinner tonality + faster lower end and less organic, more lower treble resolutions, but let me just leave it for a while LoL! I know I will comeback to the 16.5mA though, because I prefer Moar bass and warmth, and the vocal is more expressive and soulful with 16.5mA. It is my own observation anyhow, and it is all personal preferences. Ofcourse, do take into account that I use all Silver wires in my system too.
  13. Pokemonn
    it has been raining in Tokyo last few days...my 009  sounds f****** great!!! must be better main power earting = low noise.
    i really envy astrostar59...britain is always raining right? lol
  14. Ampeezy

    ​Which amp do you use?
  15. Pokemonn
    currently I'm using spritzer feedback modified SRM-727. it sound scary realistic 3D...
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