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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. joseph69

     What I meant by "tube rolling" was more along the lines as in my WA6 were I'm able to use a wide variety of different tubes with/without adapters e.g.
    Now that's a lot of tubes to roll! [​IMG]
  2. JimL11
    Agreed.  Designers choose different tubes depending on their electrical characteristics, and the design is optimized for that particular tube.  The absolutely safe swap is to change to an identical tube but a different manufacturer.
    However, there are many tubes that are mechanically compatible (share the same pin-out) but electrically INCOMPATIBLE (different electrical characteristics).  Swapping to a tube type that is electrically different will generally result in a malfunctioning circuit as the circuit parameters are non-optimal.  Worst case is a circuit that actually blows up.  Manufacturers generally will not, and should not, honor warranties where that sort of idiocy has been perpetrated.  As one comedian commented, you can't fix stupid.
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  3. Ampeezy

    ​Which Dac did you buy? Totally recommend the Gustard X20 pro (without USB)...just a sublime sound, really punches well above its weight. If I ever go for an upgrade, I hear the Holo audio spring R2R dac is quite good as well especially for the sr-009
  4. Failed Engineer
    I am about to take delivery of a Carbon and was curious about the voltage/current.  I'm going to be using them only with the SR-007 (I've owned and sold the SR-009 before and prefer the SR-007 by a wide margin).  My builder is suggesting 400V/20mA, but I've seen where many people go for 18mA.  Haven't seen as much discussion on the voltage.  Looking for some thoughts on configuration.
  5. Whitigir
    Finally ! My DAC is here :D Woaaaaaa!

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  6. Ampeezy
    My my, that is the LKS dac. A bit similar to the Gustard x20 pro. So i'm assuming that must have come up in your search as well. I read forums that describe the x20 pro as better than the LKS DA003 which has dual ESS9018 Pro chips to the X20's ESS9028. Is that the one you have? or the newer DA004 with 9038 chips? Either way I'm sure it'll get you there
  7. Ampeezy

    ​With the sr-007 a higher current works very well. Fleshes out the sound a bit more. With the hyper detailed sr-009 a slightly lower current (16-18ma) might be more optimal as some have already said. Either way, the dac and amp combination is what will give you your final voicing so take this with a few grains of salt...
    Mine runs at 20ma and the sr-007 are glorious, very smooth, detailed, and with ample top end.
    On a side note, any time I turn on the Carbon my lights flicker telling me the inital current draw must be massive, and boy it runs really hot at that current.
  8. Whitigir

    DA004 with dual 9038Pro :D. I can not believe the build quality of the chassis. Very nice build, and the remote is solid chunk of milled aluminum. I have no idea why it is this bulky with a lot of aluminum. Probably the case of cheap materials for China :D
  9. mulveling Contributor
    Definitely, the Carbon superbly drives my 007 -- which are in fact Failed Engineer's old Mk I set. Mine is set to 17mA because the builder preferred its voicing that way with the 009. Though I haven't heard another build myself, I wouldn't hesitate to go 20mA if 007 Mk I was my lone priority, since I feel that the Mk I can always use more kick up top (measurement wise, there's no downside to 20mA other than heat dissipation). I wouldn't worry too much about the mA parameters being budged here-or-there, though -- if you like the 007 then you're going to absolutely love it with the Carbon; much better than any plain KGSShv. And unlike the old KGSShv, I think pretty much all the Carbon the builds are 400V.
  10. Whitigir
    My Carbon is running 16.5 mA as I stated above. I find going with 18mA was brittle and the tonal body got thin out. I want to keep it thick and warm with my 009 :D, so I wouldn't go with 20mA, but that is just me and my preferences on my build
  11. Failed Engineer
    That's what I've seen almost universally recommended for the 009.  I haven't seen much out there for people pairing the Carbon with the 007 in terms of tuning the current.
  12. Tinkerer

    Doesn't make a ton of difference, but I set mine to 15mA because it has to feed into a circlotron output stage. It will do 20mA fine though as long as you got the sinks for it. I'd say crank it up to 20 and leave it if it's stable and stays at a good temp.

    450V HV PSU is slightly more linear but it's a bit of a pain to get a couple of the resistor values sometimes. I had to go hunt down some old stock T3 RN60D's. Probably why your builder went with the 400V PSU.
  13. Whitigir
    009 has found it new home, full of love, full of enthusiasm, just for itself :D

    Level unlocked : Stax 009 full achievement : Completed

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  14. behwatch

    As discussed elsewhere, the current controls brightness. 18ma is what the majority votes. 400V is gd enough.

    From KG:
    Calculations of the current needed to drive the headphones at full power at 20khz. That number is something like 18ma or so, the T2 is 16ma, a lot of the other amps are much less. at 20ma, the carbon has both a faster rise time and wider frequency response than anything else out there. So for a while it seems bright, then it seems more natural.
  15. astrostar59

    As I understand it the ma level cn impact the soundstage as well. Some over at the other place dropped below 18ma and reported less drama and went back up to 18ma. I have the Carbon inc 15lv board and at 18ma and sound magical both on the 007A 2015 and the 009s. It also run a bit cooler so something to consider if you live in a hot climate. My amp on 18ma as around 20°C above ambient ion the heatsinks and I had big heatsinks as in a tall case.

    Also I suggest a deep shelf or not stacking it if possible.
    TBH the 007A is damb good on the Carbon, it is on steroids really motoring, way beyond the performance on the current crop of Stax amps. I think you will be very happy. In a way if leverage more the the 009 as it seems asleep on lesser amps in my tests, and the pole veil of the older issue MK2 is gone.
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