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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. aldavey
    Totally new to Head-Fi. I have been using an HD800/WA7 for the last three years. I was an early Stax adopter back in 1970 and have always hankered back to that sound. So last week took delivery of 009s and STM-007tA (I currently live in Tokyo). Love the 009 presentation, but keep reading about BHSE and Carbons. My question is is the SRM-tA so bad or will I really appreciate the difference a BHSE/Carbon will make?
    Apologies if this has been covered before.
  2. Whitigir

    You will definitely appreciate the BHSE=Carbon < T2 (DIY) more. I chose to go with Carbon because it is Solid State, so there is no need to replace Tubes for it :D. Many people swear by the T2(DIY) as the best performances for it.
  3. aldavey
    Thanks for that quick reply, so notice you say BHSE=Carbon. So if you are not into DIY - afraid I lack the skills/balls - it's just a preference between tubes or SS, no difference in sound signature?
  4. Whitigir

    Ofcourse there is preferrences and differences from Tubes vs SS....with Carbon, there is no Tubes rolling :D while with BHSE, you can. You can totally enjoy these DIY products by buying from those reputable buidlers.
  5. aldavey
    Yes, I understand and thank you, I am trying to understand the sonic differences between the two alternatives. I do not consider the 009 as bright as some it seems do. I therefore wonder, without having the opportunity of hearing both options myself in Japan, what those differences are. Obviously everyone's MMV but is there anyone who has had the opportunity of a significant, i.e. direct comparison. Sorry if I'm sounding very basic here, it's just that $5k-6K without being able to audition myself an informed comparison would be re-assuring
  6. Whitigir

    Pm a member here purk . He has everything you can dream of, including Carbon, BHSE, T2 DIY, orpheous....:D
  7. astrostar59

    Good advice ask Purk. I would add it also is important what amp you use, and the DAC. Don't isolate to just the 009 and an amp for example. The 007 is a safer bet and more forgiving, but IMO the 009 gives more if you get the front end right. Good luck.
  8. aldavey
    Thanks, but as stated previously the 009/007srmta are already in house so 009 at least are a given.
    I.ve always been a tube man (goes back to being born in fifties - yea I know) so I'm leaning in a non tube rolling BHSE direction
  9. Whitigir

    I would go with T2 DIY kind, this T2 is a different than the Stax T2, and it is currently known as the best Tube Amp for Stax 009
  10. aldavey
    T2 is,as I understand it, ultimate, but unlike you I'm no position to DIY. As I understand it that option very,very few are so BhSe I guess.
  11. Whitigir

    No, you can buy it from Builder :D. Will be very expensive as the parts are expensive
  12. joseph69
    When I hear the term "tube rolling" I think different variants of tubes which can be used in a tube amp. The BHSE (which is a hybrid SS with a tube output stage) can only use EL34/6CA7 tubes. Yes, there are alternative manufactures of the EL34/6CA7 tubes with different sound-signatures, but you're still limited to using EL34/6CA7 tubes. The only other alternative tube (as I understand it) is the KT77 which is not recommended to be used in the BHSE by its circuit designer. 
  13. astrostar59
    That is correct. But the choice of tubes, particularly NOS such as Mullard XF1-4s and Hollands do make a marked difference even though as you say, the BHSE has FET stages before the EL34s.
    I have also noticed similar changes to the signature in my DAC with standard type of tubes, but different makes and vintage. IMO it is a very useful tool in the kit bag of a system, and can make an already good system really special.
  14. joseph69

    Agreed. I'm using NOS Amperex "Bugle Boy" EL34s and are more than happy with them.
  15. mulveling Contributor
    "Tube rolling" usually refers to swapping different makes and/or vintages of the same tube type, or alternative types that are very close / electrically compatible. There's only a minority of crazies and uneducated that will sub tube types willy-nilly if the socket fits, though to be fair that kind of thing gained momentum in the Mikhail / Singlepower days, with even adapters coming out to overcome various sockets.
    You are correct that the BHSE is very strict on its EL34 requirement. The KT77 is normally a very close alternative to EL34, but Justin has relayed that it should not be used in the BHSE. Fortunately, the various vintage Holland and British makes of EL34 sound very, very good and are incredibly durable and reliable -- and the 1970s British vintages are relatively plentiful.
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