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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. purk Contributor
    I have to heavily recommend them as well.  Justin @ Headamp also sell the SR009.
  2. JimL11
    Price Japan has had some problems recently, don't know if they are back in business.  Since SR-009 have been known to have imbalance problems it would be safer, if more expensive, to buy from a dealer rather than gray market.  Besides the two already mentioned, Elusive Disc is also an authorized dealer, and they sometimes have sales if you are willing to wait a while.
  3. Ampeezy

    ​Thanks for the input, I'll look into that for sure then
  4. Pahani
    I tried to purchase L700 from PJ in January. To even GET to their website, I had to ignore a scam warning from my Antivirus.
    Went through all the steps, entered my personal info, hit "Submit"........and PayPal balked, saying PJ's PP account was suspended (I think). NO WAY was I going to do a Bank Transfer, so that nixed that.
    About a week later, I received a sophisticated phishing E-mail claiming *MY* PayPal was compromised. I didn't fall for it, and forwarded it to PayPal. They confirmed as fake.
    About 2 weeks after that, my PC was hacked. Utterly and completely, including my entire home Network. I have done no "questionable" things besides visiting PJ. If it's not related, then it's a coincidence of Biblical proportions.
    Stay the f*** away from PJ! At best, they're simply defunct. At worst, it's a possible virus/hack cesspool. Personally, I won't so much as visit the site again, even if 20 people after me report purchases with no problems.
    Pass the word. I don't want to see other people hurt.
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  5. Ampeezy

    ​Wow, I did hear about the suspended account but thought it was a very temporary thing. I have seen several people talk about their orders, and they did get them, but this gives me serious pause
  6. Ampeezy
    Have never been a strong believer in software audio optimizations but I could swear this offers a clearly audible improvement. In the name of science, I was hoping some one else could duplicate my results:
    You click the download button, extract the zip file and run the program.
    Please close your music player before running it, then it will alert you as to whether to reopen your player after the optimizations are done. Say yes to this and browse to the folder where the player is installed and select your player in the pop up window. Select the Purist level of optimizations. Then see if there is any improvement. It claims to improve clock resolution and reduce latency, and I am hearing a smoother and more detailed sound. Like pillows of sound flowing into my ear lol.
    You can undo all this by just opening task manager and ending the task (Fidelizer). Let me know if you are trying it :)
  7. Whitigir
    Software, cables, and anything. They do affect the sound quality :) , period. Some in positive ways, and some in negative ways
  8. Ampeezy
    True, especially at this level
  9. Shure or bust
    Can anyone help me regarding headbands ? I am trying to get a hold of a stax sr-009 headband.  Does anyone know the dimensions of it or can measure theirs. I'd appreciate it! Also is the sr-507 headband the same as what is on the L-500 & L-700 currently ? I believe the 500 and 700 use the same headband.  I am trying the get a hold of the biggest headband surface area for a mod.
  10. Michgelsen
    There is a special subforum for these kind of things. This thread is about Stax. Please keep it that way.
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  11. Whitigir

    Yeah, it is all about Stax. So I have finally finished my Carbon, special edition with all top notch quality materials, even the solder itself, just as I said "everything will effect the sound quality"

    So, here it is. Pure silver solid core internal wiring, ultrapure copper internal wiring, high grade Audiophile jack and plugs, high grade silver and copper solder joins, high grade transformer and volume control, pure solid silver Powercord, and more.

    Finally, my 009 is at home :p . Now, next will be a good DAC with the uses of Interconnect Silver cables with high grade Audiophile quality connectors

    Pictures or it didn't happen

    Yepe, it is all about Stax

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  12. Ampeezy
    Looking very very good. Wish I had those internal wirings sheesh...
  13. Whitigir

    They are not cheap :D, and as u see Mjonir Audio offer Special edition which is awesome and still not cheap :) . I am just too addicted to performances, and this is my end game for so so so long. So I want to get everything tip-top for it
  14. astrostar59
    Nice, and well done! I am a coward and commissioned mine. And top respect for using silver wiring and uncoded. I bet you checked and rechecked the wiring before firing up. And I do agree, all the parts quality do matter, though some may disagree.
    What bias are you running it at? I believe mine is at 17-18mA.
    I must say I really like the sound of the Carbon, I was unsure at first as it is quite different from my Sanyo KGSShv off-board that I had before. If I had to sum up the Carbon, I would say: Fast, smooth, transparent and linear. My KGSShv was a bit warmer, but the Carbon brings more to the table.
    I would think after 2 or 3 weeks of use, it should settle down and be even better. Good luck. 
  15. Whitigir

    It wasn't easy for sure, and I can not thanks to all the DIY community enough for this :D. I am running mine at actually at the same range as your. But now I have settled for 16.5 mA. I found that going up to 19mA made the 009 tonality a bit brittle, bright, and the extensions more harsh, while running 16-18mA has better tonality in thickness and warmth body but without the brightness and it bites, it is easier to enjoy and listen deeper into the top spectrum. So, it is my preferred condition.

    You summed up the Carbon performances nicely :). Though, I don't have a good DAC to feed it yet, I hope it will arrive today :D
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