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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. soren_brix
    how will it damage the HP or the AMP?
  2. astrostar59

    He bought the Stax HP with a non Stax 6 pin plug. He was asking how to rewire it. I was saying, take care not to do that incorrectly, as in 580V bias on the wrong wire may / will incur damage to the HP and or amp. Unless you know different?
  3. soren_brix
    as far as I know mixing up the wiring will not damage neither amp nor HP, which is why I ask you to explain the grounds of your warning?
  4. astrostar59

    I am not obligated to answer your trolling responses further. But regardless, the subject was if you recall, ensure that wiring up the HP was done correctly, which I hope he does that. And I hope it offered some advice to take care. I have had my 009s fail in one side, not due to wiring but clearly they are fragile to some degree.
  5. Ampeezy
    He may be trolling you a bit, but wiring the headphones the wrong way theoretically should not damage either the HP pr the amp. Why? Because in the event that the bias is switched with either left or right stators, the maximum electrostatic force would still be the same because the two charges would still be the same only in reverse. The observable effect should be that one side would be louder than the other, and the HP would sound very off overall.
    The Amp should not even know what's going on if you know what i mean
  6. Whitigir
    Excellent! I just learned something new about Stax today ! So basically it is similar to the normal Dynamic headphones, if wired wrongly, the phase would be just wrong ?
  7. soren_brix

    The consequence of your so-called "advice" is that someone who might be able to fix the issue himself might be held back by your "advice", for no reason at all ... pointing that out, is far from trolling.
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  8. Ampeezy
    I believe you're right. The phones will be out of phase, and suffer from acute channel imbalance. [​IMG]
  9. hpeter
    i´ve been thinking, about adding solder to those metal strips, maybe even a 1-3mm copper wire.
    To make it firmer, more clamp pressure to head. ?

    Just comparing the driver sizes and techs, (? 1µm foil on Stax) Stax must be better. Dynamic drivers are quite small, stuck at 2...4cm dia. max, even on circum-aurals
    Air inside is heavier than the foil itself, no inertia or transducer distortions like dynamic.
    (Who says the electrostat is inferior, that is a blasphemy. Torches & pitchforks, get ready people :D )
  10. Whitigir
    I have heard people speculating that Stax has no bass, lack of dynamic...etc...etc....I was a fool to trust and believed in that....until now when I turn around and have 009 for myself. The bass, dynamic, resolutions are amazing, especially 0 distortions, ES done right is superior, period. I mean even sub bass is rumbling and super deep, not even Utopia can compare
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  11. astrostar59
    Interesting. If a 580V DC charge is applied to the positive terminal on say the left panel, would that be an overload? If say an electrostatic amplifier has a swing of 350V, that 580V DC load is going to pull the panel right over? Or does it need the bias as well to even move at all? Someone can chime in, as only guessing. 
    Anyway, I think the thing is get it wired it correctly and first time. These things are delicate as I stated in my 009 failure, which of course Stax never expand on so no clear reason offered why they did fail.
  12. hpeter
    It depends on schematic, anyway the bias current is limited with big resistor. But solidstate does give easily magic smoke.
    When i short bias to groud, it goes quiet fast.
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  13. Ampeezy
    It would be a potential overload if 580V was applied to the left terminal, in addition to a bias of 580V. However, if you were to just wrongly switch pins, the bias would now be say 300V, and the charge on the left stator 580V. In this case, the electrostatic force on the diaphragm would be the same as a correctly wired set so there should be no driver failure due to over driving the diaphragm.
    It is a fact of physics, that all things being equal, swapping the charges would not change the max force. Hence the driver should not fail
  14. Ampeezy
    The sr-009 are in sight. Any good deals anywhere? Price japan is looking to be my best bet so far
  15. Whitigir

    I would recommend you not to go with grey market import. You will get no service here in the states if nsything is wrong with it. I bought mine from Jason @ThesourceAV. They are excellent folks
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