The Stax Thread III
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Yes, this is my main complain, I especially would like to improve in this aspect.

The 3100 set is 700US on ebay w/free shipping. If you already have a Pro Bias amp like the 252S, its $400us which is a friggin steal for what these can do
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  Any good Pro Bias energizer options for under $300 or is the 3100 set the best bet for that sort of thing?
Dang it I still haven't bought the stax in ears yet...!

Probably not that i know. On Hifiheadphones in Canada, the SRM-252S, the cheapest STAX amplifier i know of for sure, is close to $600can by itself, which is a rip IMO, in which at that point i would get this T1 ( The local hifistore one town over me has some for $500can. Buying the 3100 set w/amp on ebay is ultimately $300us more, which gives you a moderate deal with the set rather than singular earspeaker set.
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Hmm... I wasn't so impressed with 252S last time I had it. But, i'm better at modding electronics since then, and know I'd change all the caps in a 252S if I had one. Hopefully that's enough for it to sound nicer... :)
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Hi guys I want to get another stax again but am only fearful that the next one I get will have the problem I had with my first one. I got a japanese version from audiocubes with the japan step down transformer and i had to touch the chassis of my amp to get rid of a ground hum. It was a 2050 system. Too bad because I really liked the sound. So musical and if it didn't have any hum I wouldn't have cared to upgrade all the time. Sonetimes I enjoyed them more than my hd600 rig. I wonder if the same issues are present with higher model stax amps.

Now for another question, has anyone reviewed the L300 and compared them in detail with the L500, L700, or both?

where do you live? you may have different power than what we have in the Philippines. No ground here unless I bury a long steel post in a deep hole in the ground myself and sprinkle a sack of salt on top of it.

Yes, higher end Stax amps can also have this hum, but Stax amps have a binding post on the back of the chassis that allows you to connect a wire from chassis to ground. This is what you should use to get rid of the hum, and in essence is the same as touching the chassis.
Are you absolutely sure there isn't a ground you could tie the wire to somewhere? Do you have metal water or heating pipes for example? Often, these are either grounded elsewhere, or run through ground water outside your house, grounding them like that. Perhaps you have a (coax) radio/tv connection to your house? These can in some circumstances all be used as a ground for these very weak signals that cause hum.
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Is StaxUSA still the authorized distributor in the US. stax Japan is showing RPD Limited in Ft. worth as of March 9th. I thought it was Yama/Stax USA?

Yamas Enterprises was tossed by STAX as the US Distributor last January 1st.

Word is it is shifting.  We can only hope the service improves and RPD proves to be more responsive.


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I will be in Osaka for a week at the first part of April.

Can anyone recommend a STAX dealer there to visit? Other high-end audio/headphone shops of interest?

I believe the Stax dealer with the best prices in Osaka (maybe in Japan) is Shimamusen in Nihonbashi. If you are a tourist I think they will be able to exonerate you from VAT, and they often offer interesting prices if you pay cash.
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So I had a used pair of SR-407's come in. Still waiting on my amp for them.

Out of excitement, I tried on the SR-407's and whlie taking them off, my hand slipped and the left earcup slapped my head. They made some crunching/static noises. Of course, I'm not able to test them at the moment.

I remember reading about some crunching noises, but it was a while back.

Should this be worrisome?

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