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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. purk Contributor
    More of a matchup and the tonality of the amp IMO. I do enjoy the 009S and 007 more on the Carbon. With the T2, I usually grab the 009 over the 007.
  2. statfi
    Thanks for this post. Can you give more particulars on why in each case? Also, you didn't say it explicitly but do you also grab the 009 over the 009s with the T2?
  3. Clsmooth391
    Anyone looking to sell their Mjolnir KGSSHV Carbon, please drop me a message.
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  4. dgozalie
  5. ahmedie
    Can I connect balanced DAC output to 323s RCA input ? I would like to connect ES100 balanced output to 323s RCA input ... I have read that 323s are essentially balanced amps (and all stax amps).
  6. Eich1eeF
    Of course you can. It'll just be single ended on the 323's input, and it'll convert that to balanced again. Google "STAX SRM323 schematic balanced input" to find a thread in the other place on how to mod a 323 to have balanced inputs, which might be easier nowadays if a volume pot from a 353 can be shoehorned in the 323, but the difference is probably going to be tiny anyway.
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  7. harris4crna
    I am honestly really enjoying my 009. I have listened to the 009S and Voce numerous times and I hear what people are saying in regards to the neutral tonality, but the difference is minimal. My 009 and BHSE combo is perfect. Also, I got the 009 for 2000 USD. Now, my hearing in high frequency sucks. I’m deaf after certain point, so perhaps I have a natural tonality, lol.

    when I lived in Japan I would go listen to Stax HP all the time and try to understand why people stated these were the best HP on the market. I just could not get into them. It was not until I heard the 009 on the BHSE I fully understood what people were talking about. These HP deserve the best and purchasing anything below limiting capacity is truly not doing you or the brand justice. Save the money and purchase equivalent equipment.
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  8. harris4crna
    Would I be a traitor by Stax enthusiasts if I purchase the Raal SR-1a to complement my electrostatic rig? What say you?
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  9. VRacer-111
    Not unless you get rid of all your STAX gear and proclaim STAX sux and the RAAL SR1a is the one and only god to be worshipped...

    I really want to listen to the SR1a. My E-stat rig would work perfectly for powering it as well being a stereo amp centered system based around the NAD C275BEE amp.
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  10. 1note
    For those considering a DIY T2 I am selling mine and it appears in the Amplification For Sale Forum. The provenance is built by Kerry (his version 2) and @paradoxper kindly sold it to me in October 2017. It is a reluctant sale occasioned by my vinyl / speaker system improving (passive radiators to control a bass standing wave, adding super tweeters, custom speaker crossovers) to such an extent that I have hardly listened to my separate headphone system. It was a revelation for me on both 009 and 009s headsets. Thanks for reading. 20190712_194941.jpg
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  11. Mach3
    Bloody hell that thing belongs in a museum, such a work of art.
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  12. PolloLoco
    I'm currently using an srm 300 which I enjoy for my Stax L300 and Koss Esp950. But in order to experiment with different types of amps as input, I just ordered a Stax SRD7 mk2 Energizer, which should arrive in a couple days.

    That said, I recently read that in the 70's Stax used to put a capacitor after the ballast resistor. This can cause damage to headphones over time by increasing the arcing risk.

    I think the srd7 mk2 was made in 1985, is this a risk or had Stax fixed this issue already?

    If its possible, does anyone have a photo to show what capacitor I should look for?

    Thanks for any help you might provide.
  13. dgozalie
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  14. tumpux
  15. Jesse Wang
    If someone has a 007tii (120v) for sale, please leave me a message.
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