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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. billqs
    Interesting ranking Dan Lee. I wonder where you would rank the Koss 950? That's become one of my "goto" headphones, especially when run from a KGSShv Carbon. Also, personally I prefer the SR-007 MkII to the SR-009, though both are great.
  2. Dan Lee
    I would like to hear the koss and also the sonoma at some point.

    I have heard a lot of people say the same about the 007 vs 009. I am inclined to believe that I received a very poor representation of the 007. I was very much looking forward to hearing the 007 because of how highly praised it was, but this set was very granular sounding. This made detail retrieval almost non existent. Either way the 009S is by far the best sounding headphone I have ever experienced.
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  3. Dan Lee
    I just got a WA22 that I am currently using as a preamp to my Carbon which is nice and adds a little extra musicality to the overall sound.

    However now that I can run planars again do any of you have a recommendation for some planar cans that would have a nice bassy and smooth sound to them. I've used almost every one of the LCD lineup from Audeze and some hifimans, but my favorite pair was the Ether 2. Any thoughts on this my friends.
  4. headinclouds
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  5. Currawong Contributor
    It's worth considering that some of the legends about 'stats and amps have to do with how loud some people like to listen, and in some cases that was LOUD. Amp requirements are exponential to loudness, so I think this goes a long way to explaining why people were designing amps with voltages that would burn holes through chassis bolts if accidentally shorted.

    If you like listening quietly especially, then the Stax amps are mostly fine IMO.
  6. billqs
    I could use some advice. I have put my SR-009 up for sale for 2 reasons: 1. A cash crunch due to money spent on upgrading mobile audio 2. While I grew to appreciate the SR-009, I've always preferred my 007 mkII(.9). I'm not really getting any interest. Has the market for 009 dried up after the introduction of the 009S? Or is there something wrong with the ad? I've listed lots of pics, or is my price out of line for where these sell these days?

    Frankly, given these were the flagship phones (and touted by many to be the pinnacle of headphone sound) when I purchased them, I pretty surprised noone has even made an inquiry.
  7. Jones Bob
    I put mine up for sale about a month and a half ago here and at a couple of other sites. I received crickets here on my ad. Sold them thru another site last week.

    My guess is they are no longer the newest and latest hyped electrostatics, so off the radar here for buyers. FWIW, I liked them better than the SR-007mk2. But I like ketchup on hotdogs.....:)
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  8. Pahani
    Dem's fightin' words!
    Oh wait, so do I........carry on :p
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  9. Dan Lee
    I too had mine up for a while and eventually ended up trading for some planars. I believe the market for electrostatics is just not as big as it is for planars so there are far fewer people that have any interest in them. I have received hits on my planars now and have never had issues selling those. The only ones I have had trouble with are the electrostatics. Your price on yours is incredible too. Its hard to believe you've not gotten hits for any reason other then there are simply fewer people looking for them.

    Good luck with your sell though my friend. With that crazy price someone will scoop it up it just may require waiting till someone is looking for them.
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  10. statfi
    OCD alert. I presume that 3. is the original SR-009, and that the S here is superfluous ?-) Anyway, thanks for this well nuanced review!
  11. tumpux
    I think it’s simply the fact that everyone who wants sr-009 already has one since five years ago, and the ones who started to have interest in electrostatics either will start with the affordable models like lambdas or scared away by the (trumped up) amp requirement..
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  12. Dan Lee
    Whoops. Thank you for pointing that out. You are correct I did mean the 009 and not the 009S.

    Thank you for taking the time to read it.
  13. billqs
    I think you have a point. And someone just into electrostats can find a lot of excitement out of the Lambda series. My original bias Lambdas are still one of my favorite pair of headphones. So much so, when Soren built my Carbon, I asked for a normal bias plug instead of two pro bias just so I could drive it.
  14. VandyMan
    I think the asking prices for used 009s are just too high. Given that there is a small market to start with, a newer model, a history of driver failures, and a non-transferable warranty, a steep price cut from new is justified, IMO. All the claims here that you need a 5K amp don't help either.
  15. tumpux
    but there is always someone who is looking for his next fix. The problem is whether he monitors headfi or not.

    It’s a great phone. If you keep it in a good condition someone will take it from you eventually.
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